Lilliebridge Knee Wraps by Pioneer

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They are finally here! Introducing the newest wrap in the Pioneer line. These knee wraps come in three different lengths – 2m, 2.5m and 3m. These Lilliebridge Knee Wraps by Pioneer took months of preparation and consultation with the Lilliebridge family to bring to the market. They were designed with functionality, strength, and support in mind to provide the best and newest wrap available. These wraps are thick, strong, yet comfortable enough to use if you are a novice lifter or a world record holder. The aspect you will notice with these knee wraps is the rebound. For Raw lifters, this is essential for speed out of the hole and these provide LOTS of it! We are confident that these wraps will give you the support you need to set PR’s time and time again. Everything from the label to the elastic is 100% made in the USA. We made a point to source all of our raw materials here in the states and they are cut, sewn, produced, packaged, and shipped from General Leathercraft MFG in Coleman, TX.

  • These wraps come in three different lengths – 2m, 2.5m and 3m
  • Stylish Made in the USA PVC label with hole insert to help finish the wrap
  • Revolutionary design
  • Surged 4 times on the ends to ensure durability



3 reviews for Lilliebridge Knee Wraps by Pioneer

  1. Dee Steele

    2.5 length, I’ve never seen boys cry so much. =] I got these for my upcoming comp because my Elite FTS heavies weren’t cutting it. They are to soft, while you can get them tight they have minimal rebound. I love these wraps, I feel safe in them which is major for me. I’m old and falling apart. Everything felt heavy as I walked it out but once I started to descend these wraps kicked in and did their job, I came out the hole so fast I bounced at the top. The rebound is WOAH! The ONLY reason I say these are 4 star instead of 5 is because of how hard it is to get them super tight.(They don’t really have to be) I mean you bout have to tie them to your bumper to crank down on them. Thus all the guys in my crew crying as they wrapped me. This may not be an issue for someone with more arm muscle than me I’m not really sure but for me these are legit. I am going after that world record with way more confidence now because of the quality of these wraps! They are stiff but not knife cutting into your skin stiff, they do have a bit of give on the edging. 2.5 was perfect for me as i’m not even 5 ft tall.

  2. Albert Alvarado

    Wow! These wraps are awesome. I have the 2.5M wraps and still trying to break these bad boys in. Very stiff but not where they are burning or cutting through your skin. These wraps are great and I highly recommend them.

  3. Patrick Jeffries

    Hands down the best wraps ever made. Spring out of the hole, tightness and ability to crank these as tight as anyone can wrap them.

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