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    Custom Weight belts, lifting gear & Accessories

    • 10mm Thick - Lever Power Lifting Belt by Pioneer

      10mm Thick – Lever Power Lifting Belt

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    • Dip Belt by Pioneer-Stiched

      Pioneer Leather Dip Belt – Stitched

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    • 10mm Suede Training Belt (Black)

      10mm Thick – 4″ Training Belt by Pioneer

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    • 10mm Pioneer Cut Suede (Forest)

      Pioneer Cut – 10mm Thick – Power Lifting Belt

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    • 13mm Thick – Stock Pioneer Cut Belt-Black

      13mm Thick – Stock Pioneer Cut Belt-Black

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    • 1.5 Stock Work:Dress Belt

      1.5″ Work/Dress Belt – Stock

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    • Front-Strongman Belt

      8″ Strongman Hybrid Belt

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    • Light weight wrist wrap by Pioneer.jpg

      Amazon Wraps

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    • Black Pal V2 - Open

      Pioneer Adjustable Lever (PAL) – V2

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    David J.
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    These wraps are hands down the best wraps. I started out using the 36 inch Gansta Wraps, and was disappointed by how flimsy they were. Then I bought these in the 36 inch and these were extremely supportive. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a wrap that’s going to last them a long time!!
    Matt G.
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    Without a doubt, the finest lifting belt I’ve ever seen. Beautiful leather and outstanding craftsmanship! Belt is very comfortable and provides excellent support! 5-stars from Houston, TX 👍🏻👍🏻🤣
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    Great belt. I've been looking for an old school leather belt like this for awhile, great quality/craftsmanship. The sizing fits smallish. Highly recommend.
    Michael L.
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    My Belt just arrived and i am very happy with it. I wanted to thank you for the fast responses and the over all incredible customer service experience.
    Steve R.
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    Just got the belt in – it is fantastic! Thank you for cutting it to the non-standard width. The overall finishing of the belt is awesome too – I’ll be sending anyone I know looking for a new belt to you.
    J. Thacker
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    Received my wraps last week, was up in air as which wraps to buy, have used most from SBD to cheap rouge wraps and I was very impressed with your product. I had heavy bench session yesterday and used them for a Mac single of 725 with no issues, well constructed and made in USA, what more could you want…..