Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent

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Gard-More is a non-silicone based water and stain repellent spray that will not seal the pores of leather, felt, suede, or nubuck. Formulated to coat the fibers of the material, Gard-More allows the treated item to breathe. It minimizes damage by retarding the absorption of liquids. It will not change the color, tone, or texture of leather, material, suede, nubuck or felt hats and prevents staining and discoloration. Gard-More helps prevent damage caused by perspiration, water spotting, grease stains, and general handling. It minimizes damages caused from barnyard acids by retarding the absorption of those acids while still allowing the treated item to breathe.

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1 review for Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent

  1. Delia Steele (verified owner)

    You ARE crazy if you don’t order this with your belt. I now have a white lever belt and this was a must. Dirty gyms and all . . .
    My belt lays in my rack with people walking by, chalk flying, dirty hands picking it up to check it out and so far 3 weeks now not a single imperfection thanks to this repellant. I will be sure to not run out of this anytime soon. Also used it on my gray prong for self measure but over the last y ear, I’ve not had any issues with it getting dirty or stained. This can is basically like leveling up. Your belt is stronger with it!!!!!!!! Thus you ARE stronger with it!

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