Brown Leather & Suede Lever Weight Belt-STOCK

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  • Patented* V2 PAL adjustable lever
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Vegetable tanned sole leather
  • 13mm thick 10cm wide

*Patent number 11986062

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  • Stock belts ship in 1-3 business days;

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These 13mm thick 4″ (10cm) wide lever belts feature the patented* Satin Silver V2 PAL (Pioneer Adjustable Lever). The outside is vegetable tanned untreated sole leather with our logo embossed in it. The inside is a light brown colored suede leather for added comfort. This no frills old school looking belt is built like a tank and will provide you with a lifetime of support. With the leather thickness being 11mm, it will be stiff out of the box and will require a bit of breaking in. With the V2 PAL, you will get your .5″ micro adjustments for a perfect fit while keeping the use of a screw driver at a minimum.


  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Patented* V2 PAL adjustable lever
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Vegetable tanned sole leather
  • 13mm thick 10cm wide

*Patent number 11986062

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 12 in

17 reviews for Brown Leather & Suede Lever Weight Belt-STOCK

  1. Jay (verified owner)

    This is my first lever belt and I am beyond pleased with my decision. I have used my buddy’s Inzer and I loved it. The major concern that I had was was about making micro-adjustments to suit me. Up until now, I’ve been using a nylon roller belt and a prong belt for the extra adjustability. Pioneer knocked it out of the park with the PAL V2 lever! The belt itself is robust and well made. My only gripe I have is that I wish Pioneer made raw untreated pioneer cut/ lever stock belts in 10MM. The shipping was fast! The belt arrived in less than a week! This is an Awesome American made belt! I’m definitely going to give the pioneer cut a try!

  2. Ramon (verified owner)

    My belt shipped pretty fast within like a week an acouple days and real easy and comfortable to break in hit a 450 squat the day I got it and the support and confidence it gave me is amazing… will definitely be ordering a custom belt within the next couple months

  3. Tyler W. (verified owner)

    This is my first belt, and it feels like it will last long enough to be my last! Very sturdy. The PAL v2 is so nice. I use it for squat and deadlift, so having that quick/easy adjustment is perfect.

    I will say that you need to get it tight enough on deadlift to keep it in place…because it is very stiff. I have trouble keeping it from traveling up my back sometimes (if I don’t have it situated properly).

    Getting more toward the “look” of the belt. This thing turns heads almost every time I wear it. The quality speaks for itself, and the unique lever system just adds to it. Highly recommend this belt!

  4. Johanne Buot (verified owner)

    This is my first belt that I ordered with the PAL v2. The belt itself felt amazing right out of the box and it’s not so stiff compared to my Inzer. The selling point for me was the lever, I loved it so much that I went ahead and purchased the PAL v2 by itself for my Inzer. I use this for squats and I love the color because it’s different and it’s eye catching. Right out of the box I loved that new belt smell that lingered around in my car. It’s a great belt highly recommended.

  5. christophjhk (verified owner)

    All the praise from the other reviews is accurate. I could not be more than pleased with my Pioneer belt. Given I just got it today and still need to break in this beauty, it is made with such great material and the PAL v2 knocks it out the park for adjusting the belt while wearing it. Shipment and delivery was less than a week and the Pioneer team has helped me throughout the process updating me on the making process of the belt itself to my delivery. If I can stand behind a company for belts and strap, it would be Pioneer. Thank you for your awesome customer service and QUALITY!

  6. Danny (verified owner)

    Once my order was processed, they shipped it right away. Thankfully, I live in TX so the delivery came overnight. The usual contention is between SBD and Pioneer when it comes to adjustable lever belts. I prefer the SBD lever, but Pioneer leather quality is superior. Don’t get me wrong, Pioneer lever is really fantastic as well. It’s even more adjustable with half inch increments. The hardware is nicely packed and you can just tell it’s very high quality holding it. The the the lever mechanism is extremely smooth. Overall, I would take the Pioneer over SBD. Lever is one thing (you can purchase hardware by itself) but the actual quality of the belt is far superior on the Pioneer. I wanted tge blacked out version but they were sold out unfortunately. However, this tan leather version is very aesthetically pleasing so I’m happy either way. When I started lifting, I started squatting with 10lb plates. This was a gift to myself marking my 315 achievement. Previously I’ve been using belt made of fabric but I would spend a good time and energy trying to get it real tight. You get maximum stability with one snap with this belt. Some high quality knee sleeves are $100 more or less (like Inzer $135) and they are a piece of neoprene… this Pioneer belt is quality leather and steel. This is worth every penny without a doubt.

  7. Tjerdan Johnson (verified owner)

    I got the belt very quickly after ordering and it did not disappoint. It will require some breaking in but that’s what you want with a heavy duty belt like this. 10/10 recommend.

  8. Bryan Benge (verified owner)

    So I bought this belt and the color of the leather doesn’t match the picture at all.. Not the belt I received.. Now this belt is so amazing it’s perfect and well worth what I paid, but the leather was more of a peach color rather than a brownish color and that’s the only issue I have and the lever is not chrome it’s almost a gray color so I’m taking 2 stars away.. But besides those two issues it’s a badass belt.. I don’t want to wait and or send it back so I’m going to just keep it because I plan on getting a custom belt from pioneer later on so this one will do until I can afford a fully custom belt..

  9. Charlie Noble (verified owner)

    Thick quality belt exactly what I wanted would recommend to anyone

  10. Sean Gomes (verified owner)

    Beautiful belt. Every bit worth the hype. Have used a couple of gym buddies’ PAL V2 10mm belts a few times and loved how comfortable they were. This 13mm is all that plus the extra bit of (perhaps just psychological) support for heavier lifts. The single layer suede on the inside looks great and adds the right amount of comfort and traction.

    Quality is outstanding. Belt and lever colours are as advertised. I was expecting it to be much harder to break in but it’s surprisingly pliable right out of the box. The PAL V2 lever is a gamechanger that I’m glad to finally get my hands on.

    Looking forward to doing my best lifts with this baby!

  11. Nathaniel Blakemore

    I’ve had this belt for some time now and it’s still going strong! Great quality product, and amazing customer support. I recommend these belts to everyone!

  12. Jamie H. (verified owner)

    I received my belt within less than a week of ordering. Can’t ask for much better than that nowadays. The belt and PAL are extremely high quality. The attention to detail is outstanding. My only gripe is a tiny one and that the hardware screws can strip easily. Make sure everything threads in completely prior to fastening everything together. I had a screw thread issue, but got it solved immediately. I can’t wait to use this belt! It feels like it’ll have the support that I need to continue pushing higher weights.

    12/10 would recommend Pioneer belts!

  13. Tyler Archambeau

    Stop scrolling, Add to cart, purchase, anxiously wait for package, open door as delivery man is on porch, put belt on, never take it off.

    This thing is a steal. If you are looking for a stock belt this is the one to get. Had for over 3 years with the old lever and she is still breaking PRs like no one business

  14. Stockton (verified owner)

    Great belt!!! Great company!!!

  15. Joe Mahaffey (verified owner)

    I received my new weightlifting belt today and could not wait to get it put together and to try it on!

    This Pioneer General Leathercraft belt is built with quality! The 1/2” increment adjustability of this belt with the patented PAL Lever Buckle system is a fantastic option and it will ensure that I won’t have to replace the belt while I lose weight and body fat for quite some time, if ever. I can set the belt in one set of notches for warmups and then move to tighter notches for my lifts. The quality and craftsmanship is phenomenal and as good as any $300-$500 belt. The stitching is perfect and this belt is handmade with high quality leather by General Leathercraft Mfg. Inc here in the United States, Texas to be exact. The belt and hardware comes with a lifetime warranty. General Learherworks has outstanding customer service as well and the owner, Matt, has reached out to me already.

    Let’s go lifting!

  16. Kevin Pedrola (verified owner)

    This is my first lever belt and it’s an awesome belt. The craftsmanship is top-notch and it’s very comfortable with the suede inside.

  17. Joe M. (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several nylon and leather workout belts and none of them come even close to comparing to my PAL lever 13mm belt from Pioneer Leather! The stitching, the leather, the 1/2” adjustability, the thickness and the PAL is absolutely phenomenal! Look no further than American made start to finish by General Leatherworks! The lifetime warranty and customer service puts this company on top!

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