1.25″ Work/Dress Belt

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Finally introducing the newest belt to the Pioneer line, the Everyday Pioneer Work Belt. The Everyday Pioneer Work Belt is geared towards those of you who have searched and searched for a heavy duty belt that you can wear day in and day out. The Everyday Belt by Pioneer is perfect for concealed carry and work related attachments like knife sheaths, tape measures, and utility pouches. This belt is 1.25″ wide and features our same heavy duty sole leather that we use to make our lifting belts so it is thick enough to handle the heavy work loads yet comfortable and stylish enough to wear out on the town. With the starting price point we came up with you will be hard pressed to find a better deal on a 100% made in the USA heavy duty belt for everyday use!

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6 reviews for 1.25″ Work/Dress Belt

  1. Arlen Foster (verified owner)

    Well made, sturdy belt. I have worn it everyday since I got it and couldn’t be happier with the purchase. This belt is well worth the money particularly if you conceal or open carry. If this belt EVER wears out I will be buying one again.

  2. etrowb (verified owner)

    I love this belt! Very rustic, but well made. Best belt I’ve ever had and honestly, I won’t be buying my belts from anywhere else. Awesome craftsmanship and the feel of actual this leather is amazing. Can’t wait to purchase my next belt!

  3. Steve (verified owner)

    I love the Pioneer Cut Work Belt. It always fits perfectly. I find myself using different holes depending on the pants I’m wearing and the time of day (level of water weight I’m holding). If I wear jeans its a slightly bigger hole and if it’s chinos I’m in a slightly tighter hole. Best belt for the money you can ever have.

  4. STEVE SHAW (verified owner)

    The Crazy Horse Water Buffalo work belt is my favorite, I like the way it ages as it is worn. I have a basic treated one as well which I do not wear as often and is a bit more stiff. Both are top quality belts. The Pioneer Cut makes it easy for me to adjust, working in the trades it happens often. Only thing I wish for is an option with a bit more width of the same material. Great company!

  5. Travis (verified owner)

    Great belt. I got just the basic untreated leather and it looks well made and rustic. Only criticism is that I would like it to be an inch or two longer than it is, so I would suggest ordering a size or two up.

  6. Allen (verified owner)

    So far I’ve purchased 4 of the 1.25 work/gun belts- 2 before the “Pioneer Cut” spacing and 2 after. The pre-spacing belts were gifts, post-spacing were for me, and I have to say they are awesome belts. Especially with the new hole spacing and color options.

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