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About Pioneer General Leather Craft Mfg.

General Leathercraft 3 Generations

General Leathercraft Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in Sidney, Nebraska in 1979 as the manufacturer of Pioneer Fitness Products, a line of top quality leather weightlifting belts and exercise accessories. In 1987, with the increase of industrial back injuries and a growing awareness of ergonomics, General Leathercraft Manufacturing Inc. launched Pioneer Safety Products, a division dedicated to the development of personal back support systems, as well as knee wraps, wrist wraps, elbow wraps and anti-fatigue matting. Through the years with the ever changing marketplace, Pioneer has developed a product line to meet everyone of our customers’ needs. Everything from treadmill mats to competition power lifting belts, we are one of the leaders in the fitness industry and very proud to say that we sell U.S.A. made products. In 1989 The corporate offices joined the factory in El Paso, Texas, where it continued to expand. In 1996 the entire organization relocated to a custom-built 12,500 square foot facility in central Texas, where we are still located today. This centralized location allows for quick and easy shipping to anywhere in the country or the world. In 2013, General Leathercraft Manufacturing started selling belts direct to consumer and implemented the custom belt features you all have hopefully seen. General Leathercraft Manufacturing Inc. prides itself on using American made components where possible for its products and sells under the Pioneer name as well as private labeling for a number of esteemed fitness and safety distributors world-wide.

Our Mission statement is:

Don’t buy OUR belt, buy YOUR belt.” This simple sentence defines who we are. We strive to earn your patronage by providing unparalleled customer service and a product that you are proud to own. We will always be run with a simple philosophy in mind which ensures care, integrity, and quality… and that philosophy is this: “Always be small enough to care, yet big enough to keep up.

Store Hours:
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T: 1 (800) 445-5262
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