Leather Deadlift Belt

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  • This belt is 6.5mm thick
  • Tapered tongue
  • Single prong or our patented Pioneer Cut 1/2″ hole design
  • Treated or untreated leather
  • Nickel plated rivets and seamless roller buckle
  • Excellent pliability and strength
  • Vegetable tanned, full grain sole leather
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Comes in 2″, 3″ or 4″ width


Our Leather Deadlift Belt is 6.5mm thick and designed to protect and support your back during heavy deadlifts or squats. They are constructed using the best vegetable tanned full grain sole leather we could find. With nickel-plated rivets and seamless roller buckles holding this belt together, you can rest assured it will be useful for years to come. The edges are beveled for added comfort which shows that we take the “little things” into consideration. The leather can be treated with our proprietary fish and mineral oil blend for more suppleness and a darker color. The pliability of this belt is excellent and is comfortable from the very first use and strong enough for a lifetime of abuse.

Our 3″ deadlift belts come with a tapered tongue for an easier grip and come with a single prong option!
Comes with our “Lifetime Warranty.” 100% Made in the U.S.A.

What do you want in a Deadlift Belt?

Is it real leather? Yes, All of our leather lifting products are made from 100% Grade A Sole Leather Bends.

Pliability and Strength? Got that! These deadlift belts come to you ready to break PR’s and are the most comfortable leather belts that we offer!

Guaranteed for life? If my deadlift belt breaks or fails due to a manufacturing defect or faulty hardware, we will repair or replace your deadlift belt forever!!!

Made in the USA? Check, all of our belts are made in our warehouse in the great state of Texas.

Sizing: Make sure that you measure around the waist (where you plan on wearing your deadlift belt), and that that measurement falls into the size range.

Custom sizes can be made upon request!!!

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 8 in

9 reviews for Leather Deadlift Belt

  1. Quinn

    My husband ordered a custom 3″ belt for me. It fits much better than the gym belt I was using and offers way more support. It was also half the price of other companies we looked into. The owner of my gym now wants to order a few.

  2. Markus

    I love my deadlifting belt. The width and thickness is just right, not too bulky or stiff to get in the way when setting up, yet gives excellent support.

    The few times I have tried this belt for bench pressing it has been a nice experience compared to my full-size thick powerlifting belt (which I use for squats and overhead presses).

  3. Tatsuya (verified owner)

    This is the 3rd belt I have that is made by General Leathercraft but the first I ordered directly from here. Super quick delivery. Belt was first rate as expected. Quality leather, came with a broken in feel but still gave me all the support I need when doing conventional deadlifts. I look forward to buying more stuff from this company in the near future.

  4. Jack (verified owner)

    Got this belt for my wife along with my 13mm 10cm one. Both great pieces of equipment and both miles ahead of anything we can get here in UK – well worth the added shipping cost.
    Belt is great, gives her all the support she needs and at this size works great for squat, press and deadlift for a lifter her frame.
    Craftsmanship is great, leather quality is amazing too. Belt has a broken in feel to it and is very comfortable and gives a ton of support.
    You guys make some amazing gear!

  5. rubenstein.meade (verified owner)

    I received this belt a week ago and I am more than impressed with the overall customer service I received and the quality of the belt! Good, clean, solid belt – more support and comfort than the SpudInc belt I previously had. Thanks!

  6. AG (verified owner)

    Great belt. I’ve been looking for an old school leather belt like this for awhile, great quality/craftsmanship. The sizing fits smallish. Highly recommend.

  7. John Janecek (verified owner)

    I’ve had my 3″ belt for 6+ years now and love it, it’s the only belt I use for all of my lifting at my gym as a Starting Strength coach. I have one in every size for all of my clients to use also.

  8. Maryann

    The 3″ Belt is perfect. The customer service is excellent! I would recommend Pioneer fitness to anyone in need of a reasonably priced leather lifting belt!

  9. Curtis Butts

    I’ve had this belt for since 2017 or so and I’ve been very happy with it.
    Still looks brand new after 6 years. It’s gotten my through some PRs and I’d never give it up. Just ordered the dip loop attachment for it so it’s even more versatile. Definitely pick one up if you’re on a budget or not ready for a custom order yet.

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