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How to Measure for a Weight Belt by Pioneer™ Fitness

Instructions and video on how to measure belt size. Learn the correct way to measure your waist size for your custom weight belt.

How to Measure your waist for your weightlifting belt.

  1. Use a pliable or seamstress tape is preferred.
  2. Measure around your waist, about 4 inches above where your pants are.
    *Do not “suck in”, just measure in a relaxed state.
  3. Take that measurement and use the size guide on the belt you are interested in ordering.
    • X-Small- 22″-31″
    • Small- 27″- 36″
    • Medium- 31″-40″
    • Large- 35″-44″
    • X-Large- 39″-48″
    • XX-Large- 43″-52″
    • XXX-Large- 47″=56″
  • If you have any doubt to your belt size, please contact us as we will be more than happy to help.

Additional information when measuring for a weight belt

Weightlifting/Power Lifting Belts are worn well above where you wear your shorts or pants, this means they are worn above the hip bones. Most people are inclined to use their pant size for a weightlifting belt. This often ends up with the belt not fitting correctly. Ordering the correct size is very important. If you have any questions at all contact us at 800-445-5262 and we will help you determine the correct size. We are unable to accept returned belts due to incorrect size or options.

108 thoughts on “How to Measure for a Weight Belt by Pioneer™ Fitness

  1. Hello,

    I’ve heard great things about your belts and am very interested in getting one! I’m just a bit unsure about the measurement. I ordered another powerlifting belt from a different distributor and the sizing was extremely off. I measured myself the way you discussed in the video, and I measured to be 35″. Would it be best to get a medium or a large?

    1. Medium should be good. At 35″ you will most likely wear your belt at about 34″ when cinched tight. You can always type that measurement into the “order comments” and I will do my best to get that measurement to the middle hole!

      1. Hey Matt I need some prices on a blue belt with my name in it with my school symbol on it bout how much would that cost if I was to get one

        1. Hey bud, It will be anywhere from 140 – 200 depending on thickness and style. If you want to give me all of your specs, I will get you an accurate quote!

          1. Like a royal blue belt with my name small above the buckle and then a pirate symbol on the back outside of the belt

          2. Just add about $60 to the base price of the belt. Let me know if you need help while on the site and I will do my best!

      2. Hello, been looking for some options on custom made belts. Been lifting (bodybuilding) for about 30 yrs, I have a powerlifting belt, it is ok, just cause I like the padding, couldn’t find a bodybuilding one. Anyways, looking for something in black, with red lettering, “Jesse the Body” with red stitching. Could you suggest something, I would also like a small Canadian flag on the end of the strap.

        1. I don’t do padded belts but if you aren’t concerned with that, our 4″ training belt is what you are after given the info provided. They are customizable with lettering, images, etc…

  2. Matt,
    Do you make your “13mm Thick 10cm Lever Power Lifting Belt ” in XXXL? I measure out about 50″ and would like to be closer to the middle.


    1. I can make them up to approximately 70″ long. Just purchase the XXL belt on the site and type the measurement you need in the “order notes” section at checkout!

  3. Hello. I’m looking at purchasing a belt. I measure 40″ at navel but am looking to slim up n waist. I would like a black lever belt with the name SWEET W in red outlined letters on the back. Maybe red on inside of belt also. Didn’t know what cost might be. Thanks

    1. Hey Charles, just go to the product page for the belt that you want and add these options. The price at the bottom of the page will automatically update with your selections.

  4. So if I am 25.5 inches around the waist right now, should I go with a X-Small or Small? The X-Small goes from 22-31 but the Small is 27-36? Also how do you determine the thickness of the belt? This will be my first belt and I am just trying to get the right information before I purcahase one.

    1. Hi Jamie,
      At 25.5″ around your naval, the XS would be the best size for you. There is an article on the site that is titled “how to choose the right belt for you” and it should help you to choose the right belt. I would recommend the 10mm double suede belt as it is a great 1st belt. You can email me direct at for more help!

  5. How long will this take to complete and be mailed?

    1. Most custom belts right now are taking between 3-4 weeks due to the holiday season.

  6. Hey Matt,

    I see you can do a 6.5 mm and 13 mm, but can you do a 10 mm treated belt? Also, I measured out to a 43, but am currently losing weight. Is there any way to get a big large/ small x-large. I’d be willing to pay for the inconvenience.


    1. Hey Julian,
      Yes I can do a 10mm treated belt! You will need to purchase the 13mm version and request the desired thickness in the order comments section at checkout. You can also let me know in the order comments that you need the middle hole at 43″ and we will do our best to accommodate those requests.

  7. Hi Matt, My son measures 35″ but is a growing teenager. The large looks best to me, but will it fit him well right now?

    1. I would recommend the Medium 31-40. He will most likely wear the belt an inch less than 35″ when he cinches it tight so he should have around 6″to grow in his midsection.

  8. If I ordered a X-Large would it be possible to add a hole for 38″?

    1. Yes just request it in the order comments section at checkout!

  9. I fall between a 47 and a 48. What size powerlifting belt would you suggest getting. Depending on the season my stomach size goes up and down.

  10. Hey I measure 33.5 – 34. What size belt should be good for me? Thanks

    1. I would recommend a Small but go ahead and put this measurement in the order comments section at checkout so we can make it the middle holes.

  11. Um do u have any phone num that I can text you off of that way I can clarify what I want and stuff

  12. I measure at 45. What size powerlifting belt would you recommend.

  13. I am trying to buy a gift. He wears a size 32 waist, he is at 190lbs but is looking to cut down. Should I get a medium size 31-40 or a small 27-36. Please help!

    1. I think a Small is the best choice here.

  14. I’m stuck between a small and a medium size belt. I’m 6′, 34×34 for jeans and about 205 lbs but I am going to cut down to 190-195. Help!! Thanks

    1. Hey buddy you sound like a medium to me but can you measure tight around your naval and let me know that measurement?

  15. Hey, if my waist is around 28-29, then the X-Small should be perfect right?

    1. Yes it should be unless you plan to gain weight soon. That 28-29 should be tight around where you are going to wear the belt.

  16. I have a 39″ waist but I’m cutting so my waist size is going to drop several inches still. Do you think the medium is probably the right choice? I’m just concerned because it’s near the upper cut-off for size medium. Never used a belt before. Thanks!

    1. If you order a medium, request the belt to be two inches longer than a medium in the order comments section at checkout and it should fit perfect. It will fit 33″-42″ that way.

  17. I’m buying my husband a new belt. His waist is 38″. Should I order the Medium or Large?

    1. Id say medium unless he is planning on gaining mass

  18. Hi I need my first belt, and I want something that will “grow with me” since my ultimate goal is hypertrophy. I measure out to 38.75 using your measurement guideline so I am thinking the Large size. I am also wondering the difference between treated and untreated belts. I am currently leaning towards the 13mm Thick 10cm Lever Power Lifting Belt (Treated). Thanks for your time!

    1. Hey Thomas,
      I would recommend making a note of your size in the order comments section at checkout and letting me make it special for you. You are right in-between a medium and large IMO. Treated belts are soaked in a fish and mineral solution to help the belt become more pliable and not take so long to break in. (Similar to vaseline on a new ball glove). The treated version makes a better end product from my experience so I always recommend it vs an untreated belt.

      1. Sweet thanks for the quick reply and information! Ordering now.

  19. Hello,

    My measurement at my navel is 38.5, I have a Training belt I’ve borrowed that is about 42″ (leather length only-excluding buckle) and cranked pretty tight, I’m in the sixth hole.

    Should I order a Std. Med. or should I order a Med. cut to 33″ – 42″?

    1. Hey,
      Ill special make that size, just make sure to add your measurement to the order notes section at checkout!

  20. how do i go about customizing my belt, do i need to call or email?

    1. Hey!
      You can do it online, via email, or by phone. Whatever is easiest for you. Our # is 1.800.445.5262 My email is Matt@generalleathercraft and you already know the web address lol

  21. I measure in at about 30″ for my waist, but I’m looking to put on some weight. Would you recommend me buy the X-Small or the Small size?

    1. if 30″ is around your naval and your are planning on getting larger, go with the Small

  22. Hello,

    I’m looking into getting the lever belt. For the sizing, I measured my waist, and it’s 29 inches. Should I go for XS or a Small one? Thanks for the help!

    1. Buy the small and write your measurement in the order notes section at checkout.

  23. Matt,

    I want to get a belt as close to the exact size of my current belt as possible.

    I want 4″ wide, 6.5 mm thick untreated single prong belt.

    The total length of my current belt is 45 inches (all measures from buckle fold )

    I currently use a hole 37 inches from the buckle fold but hope to get back to using a smaller one.

    The 1st hole is 31.5 inches from buckle fold and the last is 42.5 inches.

    please advise as to best size to order. I don’t want too much extra length since it may get in the way of a heavy clean (I am a competitive lifter). Too short will also cause a problem. as it won’t be retained by the strap and may stick out.

    Does anyone in the NY / NJ area carry your belts in stock so I could try it on?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. I would have to say either a Medium or Large. The medium will be about 41″ long and fit 29″-40″. The Large will be 45″ Long and fit 33″-44″. If I had to make a call based on the info you gave me I would say the large is it is closest to what you have.

      I don’t have anyone that is stocking our belts (most of my wholesale customers are internet retailers) so that is most likely not doable.

      1. would there be any problem adding an extra hole at 31 inches from the buckle (leather fold)? Or, can I simply use a power drill and add the hole myself, assuming there is nothing special I have to do?

  24. Hi! If I’m a 29 which belt would you recommend?

    1. I would want to make you a custom size range. I would make an XS 2.5″ longer than normal so you would have a range of 24.5″-33.5″. If that is something you are interested in, just type a message in the “order notes” section at checkout explaining your desired measurements.

  25. Hello I am really interest in buying a belt I have my waist size however I’m not sure how thick of a belt I should get I have a smaller torso I’m initially 5’1 and my waist is about 28.5. I am not sure if I need a belt with 6.6mm thickness or 13 mm thickness. I just don’t want to get one to thick but I also want the support so I’m kinda stuck help! Lol

    1. Hey Sarah,

      The most pliable belt we make is the treated 6.5mm belts and they are really awesome IMO as they offer a good amount of support while being very comfortable. The 10mm belts are also comfy but are a bit bulkier than you probably need.

  26. Hey Matt im getting ready to order a custom belt from you how do I make sure the letters are in red I’ve played around with the editing but I cant see it changing.

    1. There should be a section titled “color of message”. If you can not find that part, just utilize the “order notes” section at checkout and type your request there.

  27. My waist size is 32 what size belt do I order

    1. If the measurement is around your naval and pulled tight, I suggest a small (27″-36″) for a 32″ measurement.

  28. Got that Stay the course gear! AWW shit

  29. Hi Matt- I measured per the video, and I came up with 31.5″ with the tape firm but not cinched down. If I cinch down it’s about 28″. I’m interested in the 10mm training belt and will use it for Olympic weightlifting. Which size should I go for, Small or X-Small? I’m a man, 5’6″, 142lbs, if that helps.

    1. You will want to measure using about the same tightness as you would wearing your belt. Put that measurement in the “order notes” section at checkout and we will try to make that the middle hole.

  30. Hi,
    I am very interested in getting a custom belt from you. I am a bodybuilder, 5’9; 170lbs; waist 30-32. What belt and size would you recommend?

    1. I would first recommend reading the “how to choose the right belt” article I wrote a while back. You can find it on the bottom right hand side of the home page. Just going off the info you provided here, I would say a 10mm training belt in a size Small would be best.

  31. Hey Matt,

    I am looking for a 3″ belt with 10mm thickness. Don’t see that in the belts menu. Is that something that can be done?


    1. Hey!
      Yes we can do it. You will just have to purchase the 10cm (4″) belt on the site and request the width to be 3″ in the “order notes” section at checkout.

  32. Hi I am wanting to buy a custom suede power belt for ages but nervous about sizing – I have a 28 inch waist according to the instructions – should I stick with an XS or S? Thanks so much!

    1. The best way to do it if you are worried about size is order the next size up and request the middle hole to be at your measurement. In this case, order the Small, and type “I have a 28″ measurement” in the order notes section at checkout.

  33. Hi Matt,

    I was just wondering whether you were able to ship internationally? I’m looking for buy 6″ thick leather belt for my trainer as a gift for Christmas, but it’s ALWAYS so difficult getting things down under. Any tips/info would be greatly appreciated!



    1. yes we do! You can either order it online or email me and I will help you there!

  34. Hi! I am planning to get a double suede lifting belt for christmas. This will be my first lifting belt. My waist measurement is around 30-31″. What size should I get? I am 5’1 and weigh around 115-117lbs. If I put the order this week, what’s the estimated time for me to get my belt?

    1. Order a Small and put your measurements in the “order notes” section at checkout. We are at about 3 weeks for non-embroidered and around 5 weeks for Embroidered stuff.

  35. Hi. I measure 32 at my navel. What’s the best size for me: small or medium?. Thank you

    1. Small as it is right in the middle of the size range.

  36. Hello! Just want to verify – my pant size is typically 34-35 but using a tape measure at my navel (stomach relaxed), is around 37. I am losing weight so will likely drop down an inch or so at most. Would large work or would that put me too close to the smallest setting if I drop an inch?

    1. If you are going to be loosing weight I would go with the medium. The large would leave you to much over hang.


  37. Im roughly 30-31 inches around the naval, would a small work with room to grow and shrink?

    1. Yes I think so! Just make sure that measurement was taken in accordance with the sizing video.

  38. Hi, I’m ready to order one of your belts. I need it for squatting and deadlifting. I’m 5’2″. My navel measures 31 right now. I’m interested in the lever belt but not sure if getting the single prong would be a better choice. What are the benefits of the lever? And I’m sssuming I would be a small? Thank you.

    1. Hey Susan,
      Sorry for the late reply here. I would recommend reading the “how to choose the right weight belt” article on the home page. It is full of helpful info that I won’t touch here. Lever belts are easy on and off and easy to get super tight, BUUUUTTTT you if you wear your belt different tightnesses or your weight fluctuates, you have to adjust using a screw driver. There are no cons to the single prongs other than it just isn’t AS easy to get on and off vs the lever.

  39. I’m 5’2 and 132 pounds with a 27/28 inch waist. I was looking to get a 10mm suede single prong belt. Would you recommend a small or x-small? 28 is about the biggest my waist ever gets.

    1. Just type in 28″ to the middle hole in the “order notes” section at checkout and we will get that measurement in the center of the size range. That way if you get bigger or smaller, it will still fit.

      1. I’m Roughly 28 1/2, I assumed I should stick with an XS… I just read this comment and so I just ordered mine, Will I be able to adjust it to around 28?? I vary from 27/28 as well

        1. Hi Marguerite, I just emailed you with answers. Kimberly

  40. Hello,

    I’ve heard great things about your belts and am very interested in getting one! I’m just a bit unsure about the measurement. I ordered another powerlifting belt from a different distributor and the sizing was extremely off. I measured myself the way you discussed in the video, and I measured to be 35″. Would it be best to get a x-smal or a small?

    1. 35″ tight around the naval is a perfect Medium (31″-40″)

  41. If my sinched measurement is 44 inches should with a Large so or XL? I’m in the process of dropping weight and I want to make sure I get one that I’ll be able to use for awhile.

    1. A large (35-44) will be right at the biggest giving you lots of room to lose weight. If you want where you will be wearing the belt in the middle of the measurements, the XL is a better bet.

  42. I measured around 40 inches. Would a large be suffice? I am 6 feet around 225lbs.


    1. Yep if you are 40″ tight, you should be right in the middle of the Large (35″-44″)

  43. Hi,

    I measured my relax posture measures at 39-40 and tight similar. What size would fit best for me?

    thank YOU

  44. If I’m measuring at 26/27 would you recommend the extra small or small? Thank you!

    1. Hey Victoria, I would suggest an XS with those measurements for sure!

  45. Any difference between your 4″ deadlift belt and your 4″ powerlifting belt? Any rule of thumb to tell whether I should get a 3″ or 4″ belt? I am going to use this belt for squats on the SS (Starting Strength) program and also deadlift, if possible, but the squats are #1 priority. (I am 5’10”, 172 lbs., Male. Measured about 35″-36″ around my waist.)

    1. No sir, the only difference is that the Powerlifting belt has the options to customize. I would recommend the 4″ wide belts if you are planning on staying at the 6.5mm thickness and treated leather. It is pliable enough that the 4″ wont hinder starting positions or anything of that nature.

      1. Hello Matt, i messure at 38 relaxed and 33 tight, but im also looking to slim down, what size do u recommend i buy?

  46. I’m probably not alone here, and I can only speak for myself. But as someone who’s lost a significant amount of body fat, I find I need to subtract about 3 inches from the naval measurement to get a useable belt measurement. If you have loose skin and “generally squishy” lower abdomen, going by the strict waist measurement even in a relaxed state, didn’t work for me.
    e.g. I measure 37 now, but I wear my belt at 34 or 33 depending on the lift. I am very certain about my waist measurements, as I track it weekly and track my weights daily. Take it for whatever it’s worth.
    My recommendation for someone in this situation, before ordering your own belt, if you can get your hands on a friend’s belt, figure out the notch that works for you, and actually measure it from the belt. This will ensure you get the correct side.

    1. This is exactly right and definitely the best way to get your accurate measurement!

  47. I measure around the navel (pulled snug) 37”. I want a belt that will give me room to go up or down a little depending on the season. But I seem to be at the bottom of a large and the top of the medium. How do I get one right in the middle? I’m ready to pull the trigger and buy one but I’m really nervous about the sizing.

    1. Just make a request to put the middle hole at 37” in the belt notes section!

  48. Hello! I am wanting to purchase a belt that is embroidered but the saying I want is more than 20 characters, is there any way that it could still be done?

    1. Two options:

      1.) If it is slightly over the 20 character max, just type “see notes” in the embroidery section and explain what you are after in the “belt notes” section at the bottom of the order page.
      2.) Upload your text as an image. This allows you to go way over the 20 limit and do so in a font of your choice.

  49. Hello, I’m interested in buying one of your belts for powerlifting. Are they approved for meets? Also I’m at 35inches relaxed but tight is 33.5 what size should I order?

    1. They are approved for all federations other than IPF and upper level USAPL meets.
      33.5″ tight would be considered a small most likely unless you are trying to gain weight. If you are planning on gaining mass, go medium.

      If that doesn’t sound right either, just request 33.5″ be the middle hole and we will customize the length for you.


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