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Pioneer Belt FAQs

129 thoughts on “Pioneer Belt FAQs

  1. GREAT, GREAT vid! Super informative and I know none of the other gear companies would ever reach out to their customers like this.

  2. Great video. Very helpful

  3. What an outstanding informative video. I will be ordering soon!

  4. Are these belts adjustable if you lose weight and need a tighter belt? Also do you have a discount code for law enforcement at this time?

    1. All leather belts have at least a 9″ adjust-ability range. Email me for the First Responder Code.

  5. Ordered my double suede belt last Friday. Cannot wait to strap up!

  6. Are these belts IPF Cert? I know this video is kind of old.

    1. No Sir they are not IPF approved. IPF is not accepting new items until 2018. We are hoping to get on the list then if we can. It is extremely expensive but we are going to try.


  7. Thank you for the video. I am not sure if I have seen any other company do this. Really swaying my choice to go with your product.

  8. Do you ship to the United Kingdom?

    1. Yes we do! The website is set up for UK shipping.

  9. Do you ship to the Northern Marianas Islands?

    1. We can! Just email me the order instead of placing it online.

  10. What’s the standard Eta?

    1. 4-6 weeks is typical right now.

  11. Can you remove the background from an image? If an image is provided with a white background can this be removed before embroidered?

    1. We always remove the backgrounds on images unless the customer requests not to!

  12. Just ordered my first belt (Pioneer 13mm 4″ PL Belt). I was wondering which products I need to take care of the belt and how they should be used as I noticed you have a tab dedicated to belt care products.

    1. If it is treated and/or dyed, I would suggest using the Bick 4 once or twice a year. For a suede belt, the Gard-More acts like a Scotch Guard protecting your belt and the Suede cleaner is self explanatory and works great.

  13. I currently have a lever belt. Its a little on the big size. I would like to purchase a lever belt putting the lever back in the middle of the holes. What measurements should i give you?

    1. Measure your current belt from end to end and go off of that. I.E. if your current belt is 40″ long and you think cutting it down 4″ would suit you well, just make a request in the “order notes” section at checkout to make the belt 36″ from end to end.

      1. I forgot to mention The belt I currently have is a schiek. Would that make a difference? Or would I still measure and minus the 4″s?


  15. Is it possible to choose a different font for laser burning?

    1. Yes Sir! Just upload the text in the font you want as an image!

  16. Hi I have a comp in exactly 4 weeks for a Giants Live qualifier, what would be the chances of getting a belt in that timeframe to the UK?

    1. If you get a belt with no embroidery, it shouldn’t be an issue. We are getting those in and out very quickly right now.

  17. Can I change my shipping address. I will be going on leave and am not sure if I will receive it before I go home.

  18. I know you have mentioned your belts are not IPF approved. Does it apply to USAPL as well?

    1. USAPL isn’t strict on local and state meets but our belts are not usable on national and world stages. It is always best to email or contact the meet director before getting to check-ins!

  19. Curious if the eta right now for non embroidered is still 4-5 weeks. Just ordered mine and i cant wait lol

    1. I would gauge them at 3-4 weeks right now.

  20. Just wondering how many weeks it takes from placing the order to recieving it in Australia? Just ordered a belt and silverbeast wraps, keen to use them!

    1. 4 ish weeks for the belt (if embroidered)

  21. Hey Matt
    would I get an update as to when my lever belt is to be shipped out? I’m at sydney australia and excited to get it. 8)

  22. Hi! First meet Dec 9th. Looking to receive my belt and have a couple of weeks to break it in so I plan on ordering completely plain. Could i send it back to you to have embroidered after first meet or must it be done BEFORE?

    1. Unfortunately once the belts are made, I cannot do much to them. Embroidery is actually done before the belt’s assembly. Sorry 🙁

  23. Curious- do the lever buckles fit most other lever belts? My lever broke on my current belt and my budget doesn’t allow me to buy a whole new belt at the moment, but would love to buy a black lever buckle. I have a lifting large lever belt

    1. Yes ours should fit those just fine!

  24. Hi, I was wondering if your custom levers (not belts) are IPF approved. Also how long would shipping typically take to the UK?


    1. I don’t know how they would be able to tell ours apart from everyone else. I think you will be fine on this. If you order just a lever, you are looking at about 10 business days for a transit time.

  25. What’s the weight of a 10mm Thick – 4″ Power Lifting Belt size 27-36″?

  26. Do you have an undyed version of 10mm Thick – 4″ Power Lifting Belt? Is buckskin the one?

  27. I read your info on the starting strength forums, but can no longer find it. You explained how 13mm belts are 2 6.5mm belts, and that a 10mm belt is really a 6.5mm belt with suede.

    Just wondering if you could do a quick recap? It was honest, and helpful.

    I’m wondering how thick your deadlifting belts are? They look 6.5mm.


    1. You have the basics down there already! If you just think of TOTAL THICKNESS and then add the thickness of the other material (suede) then you will really start to get a feel for what we do.

      13mm double suede belt is two pieces of leather (4.5mm each for a total of 9mm) + two pieces of suede (2mm ea for a total of 4mm) = 13mm
      13mm Non Suede belt is two pieces of leather at 6.5mm each
      10mm belt is a single 6.5mm piece of leather + two (2) layers of suede at 2mm each = 10.5mm +/-
      Deadlift Belts, Training Belts, and basic Power belts are all a single piece of leather measuring right around 6.5mm thick

      Hope this is what you were after!

  28. Hey Matt!

    What’s the ETA like if belt was ordered beginning of November?

    1. Best guess it right around 6 weeks

  29. Do you guys ship to P.O. Boxes? If not what is method of shipping i.e. Ups or fed ex i live in California.

    1. Yes we do! We ship USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day

  30. Are you going to be offering a Christmas discount ?

    1. Our Christmas sale ended October 29th unfortunately. Next one will be over the 4th of July 2018

  31. I measured size 40-41 relaxed around my naval and 38-39 snug. I ordered a large lever belt. Is that a good size?

    1. Yes that should be fine unless you are planning on losing a bunch of weight in the future.

  32. I have a question about my belt I ordered it in November and I got my belt in January but I lost weight is there anyway I could get my belt resize before February 17.

    1. We can punch more holes no problem. Or if it is a lever belt, we can cut one end and shorten it that way.

  33. Hi Matt,

    Do you have a sense on the ETA for a non-customized 4″ 10mm belt right now?


  34. What file extensions/types can be provided for the uploads? I have my vector graphics saved as svg

    1. svg should be fine. We can work with nearly anything.

  35. Is it possible to get a companies logo that doesn’t belong to me or am not sponsored by them? Just a big fan of there products and there logo really

    1. If you can get permission to use it, we can do it.

  36. Heya! I wanted to ask if you guys send out an email when an order is shipped out for delivery (for a non-tracking option order)? Thanks!

    1. Yes! You will still receive an email stating that your order is complete.

      1. Cool! Is there a package number/ID that isn’t for tracking? I know I’ll probably need one when my belt gets here as FedEx likes to give some issues in my country.

  37. Is it possible to use Japanese text for laser burning?

    1. Yes! You will just be required to upload the text as an image.

      1. Thank you, I just want to make sure that the image will be burned in a big size (please check example on the website)

  38. Do you ship to the South Korea?

    If you do, how much shipping cost?

    1. Yes we do! You will be prompted to pick a shipping service at checkout . Price is either $35 or $75 depending on that service.

  39. What is the thickness of the 4″ Custom Dyed Training Belts?

    1. If suede on the inside, 8.5mm. If no suede, 6.5mm

  40. Do you sell 3″ 10mm belt(Double sided suede) here? Honestly, I have no idea what suede do, but wouldn’t it be better to have them?

  41. What is the belt Thor is using? And, can you ship products to Japan?

    1. a 13mm lever belt and yes we can!

  42. Can you make a 10 mm or 13 mm Training Belt like that on your Instagram?

    1. We have found that these belts are incredibly hard to get tight and then even more difficult to get off. If you are still interested, email me at

  43. Hello. Do you have a Pioneer distributor in Europe? I would like to order a customized belt, but if I order it from USA, I will have to pay a lot to the portuguese customs (probably the double of the price of the belt). 🙁

    Thank you

    1. No we do not at this time.

  44. Are all prices in USD?

  45. Do you think you will be running a sale any time this summer?

    1. We try to run an annual sale over the 4th of July and plan on doing so again this year.

  46. Hi Matt,

    I just need some help being a bigger guy and not sure what belt to get. Currently I am 6 foot 3 inches, 275 pounds. My pants size is 48 inches. I wear Under Armour compression shirt all the time when i work out and my navel measurement with the shirt on is 50 inches. When i breath in (stomach fully out) i am 52 inches.

    I was 210 lbs but a sciatic disc bulge (L5-S1) and left trapezius muscle injury 3 years ago caused me to stop working out and gain the 65lbs.

    I starting lifting again and i am at the weight numbers where i need back support to maintain form until i learn again. Basically I am looking for a belt to help me over the next two years get back into the higher weights as opposed to increasing my reps more and more.

    Much appreciated.

    1. Hey Ryan,
      I would suggest starting with a 10mm power belt with a single prong and a tapered tongue. Make sure to measure according to the video on the belt ordering page. Also, it is noteworthy to keep in mind your weight loss goals when ordering a particular size. We are here if you want to call us to discuss that part.


  47. Can you give details or hints about the 4th of July sale?

    1. Last year was 10% off belts and 20% off wraps…. won’t change much from that I don’t think.

  48. Hi Matt,

    I am from India. I am very keen on ordering a 10mm XL sized wight lifting belt. Do you ship to India? If yes, is it by post or by courier? Reason for asking specifically about this is that I had ordered some other product from another vendor who shipped via postal service. I faced a real tough time and product didn’t reach to me.


    1. Hey Aman, Yes we do! You can choose at checkout between FedEx ($45) and USPS ($75) for a courier.

  49. Hi there Matt
    I’m about to have a belt ordered for me… I’m new to lifting I’m going the 10mm I’m 167cm female so would you suggest the 4” or 3” ??
    Thanks for your time

    1. It will be personal preference. Your height is right on the fence so I would suggest trying a friends 4″ belt on and seeing if you like it before ordering a 3″

  50. Do you have examples of what the different fonts look like?

  51. If ordering two belts to the UK, will the delivery price be the same as ordering one? And how much is delivery costs usually to the UK?

    1. Hey Scott, yes. Ordering two belts on the same order will ship with the same price as just one (fits in the same size box). FedEx International is $45 USD

  52. Hey Matt I heard your belts are made of bison leather is that true? If not, what material in terms of leather do you use to make your belts? Just curious.

    1. Hey Aristeo,
      You can order buffalo if you want (via email only), but all of our belts are made from normal bovine (cow).

  53. In a previous answer, you mentioned IPF would be open to new items in 2018 and that you were going to attempt to be approved. I was curious where you were at with that? Thanks!

    1. Hey Logan,

      We nixed the approval arrangement when they wanted to charge us $190,000 to be on the list. We simply did not think it was a smart business decision.

  54. Current ETA for a 10mm powerlifting belt? I have a competition in October and really want to have mine broken in by then!
    Thanks 🙂

    1. We try to keep the advertised lead time accurate on the site so we move it around according to where we are currently. Right now we are running at about 5 weeks.

  55. Hello,

    Can you customize the belts with foreign languages?

    1. Yes but they will have to be treated as images and uploaded as one

      1. Will the quality of the image be worse than if it was in English?

  56. Any update on possible cert. through USAPL? Thanks!

    1. It wont happen unless something very drastic happens unfortunately. They use the IPF approved list and the IPF approval fees are comical. I apologize.

  57. I’m interested in getting a custom belt and I noticed the designer thumbnail has the USMC on the front of the belt. I was only able to put a logo on the back of the belt. Is there a way I could have it noted that I want a particular logo on the front?

    1. Yes sir! Just add the image to the back and make a note on the order in the “order notes” section at checkout explaining that you want it on the tongue.

  58. I am planning on buying the lever belt and saw that 10mm is your most popular product. How difficult is it to break into it compared to 13mm? Only reason I was so hesitant to buy your belt was due to its thickness; I’m worried that breaking in process would be too tedious. Also what do you say would be the biggest difference in 3 or 4 in terms of width? Would the width being a bit longer provide more support for the back? I’ve read in many forums that people regret getting a 4 instead of 3.

    1. Hey Brian,
      Our 10mm belts really don’t need much to feel broken in. That is one of the most common positive reviews we get. For width, 3″ vs 4″ is really a matter of body type and/or positioning through lifts. If you are a shorter individual or you just have a short torso, a 3″ belt is what I would recommend. If your are tall (over 6′) or have a long torso, a 4″ belt is recommended. 4″ belts will for sure support better just due to surface area but sometimes the bruising of the bottom ribs and hindering of starting positions take away from that support.

      Hope this helps!

  59. Your custom white pionner lever belt has writing inside that says “strong women scare men” or something similar to that phrase. If I get it without any engraving options, would that phrase still be on the inside? I love the pionner logo on the outside of the belt which is why I want to buy that but I’d like one without the phrase.

    1. If you don’t choose any embroidery, it will be entirely blank. If you want our logo, just request it in the belt notes section. That strong women phrase will not be on your belt.

  60. Hey for your most popular belt – double suede 10mm – is the color “buckskin” the same as having no color? I’d like one with the natural tan leather color.

  61. Im from Australia Are all belts USD?

  62. Do you deliver outside of the USA? I live in The Netherlands.
    If so, how much would the shipment costs be?

    1. Yes we do! The least expensive carrier is FedEx and it is $45 USD. Please note that that cost does not include import fees and taxes

  63. Ordered a 13mm belt. Excited for its arrival, and looking forward to putting it through some serious iron lifting!

  64. Do you ship to Finland?

  65. Hi there!
    I’m planning on surprising my partner with a training belt but I’m stuck on the size. He is bigger than he normally is and is planning on losing weight. I know he currently uses a Harbinger 4” belt in large. Would that be the same size as your large? Or should I go up to XL and get more holes put in when he loses weight just to be safe? I’m from Australia by the way so not sure if the size conversion is the same. Thanks for your help

    1. Hey Caitlyn,

      I’m not really sure what sizes that Harbinger runs at but our Large is 35″-44″. Our Training belts don’t really have room to add anymore functional holes due to the design though

  66. Do you guys warranty belts from other companies that sell your product (I.e. A7) or would I need to go through them?

    1. Every belt that ships from my belt is covered under a lifetime warranty (to protect you from raw material breakage or functioning issues). However, all customer service issues (like a warranty claim) will need to be address with the company you order from. We will not “go around” any of our partners without them knowing of the issue. For example, if you have an A7 belt, and it fails, go through A7 and we will deal with it together from there!

  67. The belt I purchased is undyed, yet the leather is treated. Can I rub neatsfoot oil on it like I would a baseball glove, to kind of darken it and condition it periodically? Just want to make sure it wont damage it or anything.

  68. I am very excited for my belt to show up! Can’t wait to see the difference from what i have now. Thanks for the awesome video and customer service side of things. I am a cop, Didn’t know there was a leo discount offered. I do plan to order more products in the future. So thank you for letting me know about this! Appreciate companies that offer!

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