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Pioneer Belt FAQs

38 thoughts on “Pioneer Belt FAQs

  1. GREAT, GREAT vid! Super informative and I know none of the other gear companies would ever reach out to their customers like this.

  2. Great video. Very helpful

  3. What an outstanding informative video. I will be ordering soon!

  4. Are these belts adjustable if you lose weight and need a tighter belt? Also do you have a discount code for law enforcement at this time?

    1. All leather belts have at least a 9″ adjust-ability range. Email me for the First Responder Code.

  5. Ordered my double suede belt last Friday. Cannot wait to strap up!

  6. Are these belts IPF Cert? I know this video is kind of old.

    1. No Sir they are not IPF approved. IPF is not accepting new items until 2018. We are hoping to get on the list then if we can. It is extremely expensive but we are going to try.


  7. Thank you for the video. I am not sure if I have seen any other company do this. Really swaying my choice to go with your product.

  8. Do you ship to the United Kingdom?

    1. Yes we do! The website is set up for UK shipping.

  9. Do you ship to the Northern Marianas Islands?

    1. We can! Just email me the order instead of placing it online.

  10. What’s the standard Eta?

    1. 4-6 weeks is typical right now.

  11. Can you remove the background from an image? If an image is provided with a white background can this be removed before embroidered?

    1. We always remove the backgrounds on images unless the customer requests not to!

  12. Just ordered my first belt (Pioneer 13mm 4″ PL Belt). I was wondering which products I need to take care of the belt and how they should be used as I noticed you have a tab dedicated to belt care products.

    1. If it is treated and/or dyed, I would suggest using the Bick 4 once or twice a year. For a suede belt, the Gard-More acts like a Scotch Guard protecting your belt and the Suede cleaner is self explanatory and works great.

  13. I currently have a lever belt. Its a little on the big size. I would like to purchase a lever belt putting the lever back in the middle of the holes. What measurements should i give you?

    1. Measure your current belt from end to end and go off of that. I.E. if your current belt is 40″ long and you think cutting it down 4″ would suit you well, just make a request in the “order notes” section at checkout to make the belt 36″ from end to end.

      1. I forgot to mention The belt I currently have is a schiek. Would that make a difference? Or would I still measure and minus the 4″s?


  15. Is it possible to choose a different font for laser burning?

    1. Yes Sir! Just upload the text in the font you want as an image!

  16. Hi I have a comp in exactly 4 weeks for a Giants Live qualifier, what would be the chances of getting a belt in that timeframe to the UK?

    1. If you get a belt with no embroidery, it shouldn’t be an issue. We are getting those in and out very quickly right now.

  17. Can I change my shipping address. I will be going on leave and am not sure if I will receive it before I go home.

  18. I know you have mentioned your belts are not IPF approved. Does it apply to USAPL as well?

    1. USAPL isn’t strict on local and state meets but our belts are not usable on national and world stages. It is always best to email or contact the meet director before getting to check-ins!

  19. Curious if the eta right now for non embroidered is still 4-5 weeks. Just ordered mine and i cant wait lol

    1. I would gauge them at 3-4 weeks right now.

  20. Just wondering how many weeks it takes from placing the order to recieving it in Australia? Just ordered a belt and silverbeast wraps, keen to use them!

    1. 4 ish weeks for the belt (if embroidered)

  21. Hey Matt
    would I get an update as to when my lever belt is to be shipped out? I’m at sydney australia and excited to get it. 8)

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