Pioneer Leather Power Lifting Belt

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3″ Pioneer Leather Power Lifting Belts must be made with a single prong or Pioneer Cut* buckle.


  • Nickel plated rivets and seamless roller buckle
  • Vegetable tanned, full grain sole leather
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in single prong, double prong or our patented Pioneer Cut 1/2″ hole design*
  • Available in 6.5mm, 10mm, or 13mm thickness

Recommended Uses:

  • All forms of strength training, weightlifting and competition lifts
  • Presses, squats, deadlifts, weighted carries, weightlifting movements and powerlifting movements

Perfect for:

  • Adults and youth
  • Advanced, intermediate, beginner

*U.S. Patent number 11,224,531


3″ Pioneer Leather Power Lifting Belts must be made with a single prong or Pioneer Cut* buckle.

Pioneer Leather Power Lifting Belt is the “best of the best”! These belts are the strongest and most durable power lifting belt on the market today. This belt is designed to give you extra intra-abdominal support from everyday strength training to competition lifts. This belt features vegetable tanned, full grain sole leather, nickel plated rivets and a seamless roller buckle, and can be treated with our patented mineral/fish oil blend for a darker more supple appearance. The treatment process helps eliminate the break in time and helps the belt form to your body. If you are looking for a belt to use for the rest of your life, your search is over! This belt is made for the strongest power lifters in the world! Comes with our Lifetime Warranty and is Made in the U.S.A.

This belt is single thick meaning it is constructed of a single piece of sole leather offering a very pliable yet supportive belt. This belt can be geared to new lifters looking for comfort or seasoned lifters that are advanced in their bracing technique. Belt stitching is only available upon request as it is purely cosmetic.

You won’t find a stiffer belt than a 13mm all leather belt. It is constructed the same as the 10mm (two thicker 6.5mm pieces of sole leather) so it offers maximum thickness while still being legal for competition. This belt will require more break in time to become comfortable and molded to your torso, but will be worth it if you are looking for maximum stiffness. These belts must have stitching and will default to white unless specified otherwise.

*U.S. Patent number 11,224,531

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 12 in

43 reviews for Pioneer Leather Power Lifting Belt

  1. Oscar

    Hello, I just wanted to comment that I bought a belt from you and I am very pleased with it. The belt is constructed with great craftsmanship. Thanks, Oscar

  2. Jordan

    This is the only belt that should ever replace your 6.5mm belt. Thick enough to support heavy weights but the awesome treating process makes it soft and comfortable so you aren’t left with the belt bite of some others. Also this is a true thickness belt. Other manufacturers will claim theirs is a 10 or 13mm belt but thats including the suede covering. This is the real deal from a real family owned company right here in the USA.

  3. Chris D. (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my this belt. It has the classic look that I wanted and is made to last! What is even more impressive is the top notch customer service that you will receive, you simply can’t find that anymore. Matt truly cares about his customers and goes above and beyond to make sure you are 100% satisfied as a customer. I definitely recommend this company over the others.


  4. John Vitale (verified owner)

    I have a custom belt that is 30 years old but it does not fit me anymore…… I called Matt at Pioneer Belts while I was in the process of looking for a custom belt and explained what I wanted, and I would send him some pictures, My specs were a combination and variation of his catalog display. Matt called me back and said that he was certain he could craft the belt just like I wanted it………Other “Custom” belt makers claimed custom but it had to be within their cookie cutter specs……size being the only variable……Matt and Kimberly responded to every phone call and every email and answered all my questions and concerns explicitly. So I ordered the belt. Their attention to detail and my quirky demands was impeccable. Matt, personally crafted my belt and he matched every detail of my old existing built. The quality is excellent and unappalled to other “Custom” off the shelf belts, the craftsmanship is superb and the personal detail is evident. I used the belt for the first time yesterday and was extremely impressed with the fit, comfort and performance. This belt will out last me this time around…..Great people, great company, great quality. PS. I had the belt in less than a week….

  5. John Vitale (verified owner)

    I purchased my second belt from Pioneer, It was a discounted belt that is a second because of a flaw or blemish. I figured it would be a good everyday beater belt in the gym…….13mm all leather belt. The only flaw is some discoloring on the edge. I sent it back to have it treated and an additional hole punched in it………WOW what a belt…..It is for serious lifting and serious lifters. Pioneer makes a belt second to none…..Yes, I’m excited….finally to get a product that is what you expect when you pay for it…..Good job Pioneer, good job Matt. Thank you.

  6. Cole A. (verified owner)

    I’m a first-time powerlifting trainee and was in dire need of a belt as I approached a 400 lb squat and 450 deadlift. I emailed Matt after reading some reviews of his products on the forums, and he was very quick to respond to my questions and spent some time educating me on the function and utility of belts. He ultimately recommended this treated leather belt and was able to punch a bunch of extra sizing holes into the belt, as I am majorly overweight and needed a belt I could “size down” as my body composition changed. Belt was delivered to my doorstep within 8 actual days. I’ve been using the belt consistently during my workouts and it’s a fantastic piece and has, without question, considerably assisted in cementing proper form and helped provide physical and mental support during heavy lifts. I’ve already recommended this belt to several friends who are also serious lifting trainees. Stop wondering and buy it now.

  7. Stuart (verified owner)

    I was searching for a new belt and everyone was charging $40.00 for shipping to my location except Pioneer who only charged a 1/4 of that price. The belt is very well made, made is the USA and because of the treatment was flexible for a brand new belt. I’m would highly recommend these belts.

  8. Jack (verified owner)

    Amazing piece of kit. The craftsmanship is top notch, the quality of the leather is superb. I’m loving my new belt and crushing PBs on it already. As everyone here said, customer service was excellent and I don’t suppose I’ll ever need another belt.
    On a side note – had it shipped to UK (very swift delivery by the way) and even with the delivery cost it was more than worth it.

  9. Chris Le (verified owner)

    I got this belt back in December of 2015 and I didn’t want to make a review until I’ve had many months of experience with it.
    So, when you first get the belt, it’s really stiff. Rolling it out and putting it to use really helped break it in for me.
    I would say it has been one of my best investments in terms of powerlifting because the extra thickness of the belt compared to others I’ve used didn’t give the same support as this belt had.
    Going into my first meet this past May, I was able to achieve a 500 lbs deadlifit and I would most likely attribute much of the help to the belt because I tightened my belt one notch tighter than I usually put for my lift and the extra tightness and thickness of the belt really helped me to make the lift.

    If you are looking for a a belt that will really give you the most for your money, try this one out. I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed!

  10. pbeck12 (verified owner)

    Awesome belt! The belt was shipped on a Monday and I received on a Wednesday, great shipping!
    I’ve used the belt twice so far and it’s excellent. Great support for squats and deadlifts. The leather is first rate, and a little stiff at the moment but give me a month and I’ll have this bad boy broken in, lol.
    I apparently thought I was fatter than I am, I ordered a large which fits fine, but i probably could have gotten a medium and it would fit a tad better. A great belt and I will definitely be ordering again. Thanks Pioneer!

  11. Brent Blackwell

    I purchased a discounted belt on Thursday morning. I received on Saturday. The customer service that I received throughout this transaction was outstanding. The service alone will lead me to purchase and use more pioneer products. Top notch.

  12. William Perry (verified owner)

    Great belt. This company knows what it means to be an American made, high quality, amazing customer service company.

  13. Vince G. (verified owner)

    After owning the Pioneer Cut™ – 10mm Thick – 4″ Power Lifting Belt (see review) – and being absolutely thrilled with it, I decided to order the heavier duty 13mm sole leather belt in the Pioneer Cut single prong configuration.

    To be perfectly honest, I probably do not “need” this heavier duty belt but the 10mm version is so comfortable out of the box that I was willing to give up a bit of comfort for the added support of a 13mm belt, specifically for heavy squat sessions.

    Please be advised this is not simply a 13mm version of the 10mm suede belt. This is one serious piece of kit, composed of two layers of sole leather – with no suede added.

    I expected this belt to be quite a bit stiffer and not as comfortable as my 10mm suede belt but I was somewhat surprised to find it isn’t nearly as unwieldy as I was expecting. (I did opt for the treated leather however). I bought the same (medium) size as my 10mm belt and while noticeably stiffer, it does not rub or cause any discomfort – even when cinched up fairly tight. Unlike my 10mm suede belt that I sometimes forget I am wearing, I definitely know I have this on! The biggest difference involves a bit of extra effort buckling and unbuckling and especially slipping the tongue through the leather retainer loop. I expect this to only improve with continued use and break-in.

    As I did with my other Pioneer belt, I took the micrometer to this one and measured 12.8 – 13.0mm thickness over the length of the belt. Again, very consistent construction! Overall quality and finishing is very good.

    I really notice the benefit of the heavier/stiffer leather when I squat 455# or more. The extra support provided is confidence inspiring.

    While I do think the 10mm belt is probably more than adequate for the majority of users, those powerlifters trying to push maximum weight will appreciate the extra support his belt offers.

    I am sold on Pioneer belts and especially their Pioneer cut design!

  14. Ken Hickey (verified owner)

    Received my 6.5mm Pioneer Cut Power Lifting Belt and I am more than thrilled with the quality & fit. Now having the adjustability of this belt vs. my old regular 1″ hole spacing is the best thing ever. Thanks for making such a quality product and at $115 I personally think it’s a great value.

  15. ageedub (verified owner)

    After using this belt for the past several months, I can say that this is the best belt I’ve seen: all the support you need, none of the suede that you don’t, and made in the US for a lifetime of use. There really are no real weaknesses in the belt’s design. If you like the look and feel of plain leather over dyed suede and want to buy from a company that takes pride in their work and produces quality products, I feel confident recommending this belt.

  16. Mark Kehrberg-Ostrasz (verified owner)

    I ordered the 13 mm Pioneer cut to replace my Brahma lever and 10 mm Forever double prong because neither fit too well any more. I wanted a fair bit of adjustability so I could use it for squats and deadlifts, without having to fiddle around with a screwdriver.

    It arrived quickly (and I’m in Australia) and took very little time to break in enough to use. Quality is excellent: it looks and feeling amazing. Very supportive, and the Pioneer cut means I can get a close to perfect fit every day for whatever I need it for.

  17. BH (verified owner)

    This 13mm Pioneer Cut PL belt is serious kit. Definitely not a plastic Velcro belt. Very high quality and it shows in how HEAVY DUTY it is. I did get the treated leather and I cannot imagine what the untreated leather in this thickness of belt would be like; the stiffness of the brand new belt is substantial, right out of the box. I spent about an hour working the leather in my hands and it began to soften. My hands actually got sore trying to flex and roll this thing so I started using my feet to press the bends into the floor. Twisting the belt is nearly futile. I love it. I used a little neatsfoot oil on the outside and it soaked in immediately. It gave the belt a richer, slightly darker finish, and it helped soften it even more. The website picture is spot on for what came out of the box.

    The level of support is AMAZING, but it will be quite a while before it has the level of broken-in comfort that I just can’t wait to have. After the first couple of wearings, I was actually sore (bruised?) in places where the belt made contact. It’s that stiff. I think given a choice I would have gone with a 13mm suede version or even a 10mm belt because this belt is THAT hardcore. However, I do not regret my purchase and I would only recommend it for serious, heavy lifters. This belt is not ideal for casual lifters or high-rep bodybuilders. Go with a 10mm or even 6.5mm. Trust me. I have since gotten used to the stiffness and I am sure the belt is also slowly breaking in.

    The Pioneer Cut design is wonderful. I have two holes that I prefer, one for deadlifts and one for squats. This had never been the case with traditional belts. It was either too tight or too loose given the exercise. Now I have correct tightness every time! I have to say that it does take a bit of effort to don and doff. Even tucking in the tail is rather difficult.

  18. Web (verified owner)

    A belt of superior quality.

    I ordered this belt and didn’t pay enough mind to my measurements and on arrival, I was unable to buckle it around my waist!!! A decision was in order…purchase another belt immediately, or lose inches on my waist. I quickly calculated which option would lead to my using this magnificently crafted belt soonest. Option two. Lose inches. In two weeks time, after a lot of ab work, sweat, and a complete dietary overhaul…I had reduced my waistline sufficiently to buckle the belt to the forth hole. Perfect. (Of course I began using it immediately as soon as the first hole was reached, but I prefer the midrange of the belt to the outer extremity).

    It is a belt second to none. The support it offers and the confidence it gives me when secured allow me to push the upper limits of my squats and deadlifts. I anticipate breaking all my PR’s in short order.

    My wife loved the belt so much that she not so subtly dropped hints about what a perfect gift it would make for a loved one(meaning herself, of course).

    Without delay I ordered one to her specifications, custom colored to suit her preferences, and we both eagerly anticipate its arrival. I expect she will set new high PR’s also.

    Wonderful belt.

    Word to the wise….pay attention to the size ordering instructions on this website to avoid duplicating my folly. Or be prepared to drop inches quickly. There is nothing more maddening than holding the lifting belt of your dreams in your hands, and being unable to use it!

    Oh well, all’s well that ends well. :)

  19. muratozs (verified owner)

    My first professional belt. Pioneer cut is pure genius. It gives so great adjustability to various lifts and pushes. I wonder why any other style even exists. I got treated leather option. The belt is in natural color. no box or instructions came with the belt. it is a natural color and it stains very very easily. After a few sessions, half of it is stained and looks very bad. I don’t know how to clean it and if I need to do anything for maintenance. Again lack of instructions. Size chart is wrong in my opinion. I got XL after measuring my size 40 inches. After receiving I realized it is too big for me. I use the last 4 rows of punches. Especially for people with 20 percent or more body fat, I recommend a smaller size. I also want to mention that the belt has no stitching. I am not sure if that is ok but I wonder if it will keep its shape in long run. Overall I am happy I got it mainly because of pioneer cut.

  20. David

    I contacted Pioneer about a new belt when I realized, weeks before a meet, that I was close to outgrowing my current one. I mentioned the meet date and acknowledged I wasn’t within their usual delivery date, and they told me they’d put a rush on it. A week and a half later, I got the belt, which really helped me so much. I’ve been using it and breaking it in, and it’s terrific. So helpful to have it in time to get used to it! Thanks!

  21. lubkowitz (verified owner)

    The only belt that is what I needed: A weightlifting belt and no accessoire. Great, vegetable tanned leather and workmanship made to last.
    I had an extensive conversation with Matt before my order. He made sure that I got all my questions answered and guided me to a belt that I grew fond of after the first week.
    My belt got delivered roughly three months ago and is in constant use since then. I can’t think of anything criticizable about this belt and will gladly recommend it to anyone who happens to ask me.
    Best regards from Lower Saxony!

  22. Maximo (verified owner)

    The best!!!
    I bought the belt, and 10 days after that, Fedex was knocking my door.
    The product adjust perfect to bench, deadlift and squat.

  23. Isaac (verified owner)

    Excellent belt and it arrived just 8 days after I placed my order. Mine is the treated leather in a custom size between a small and medium, and it was made exactly to the measurements I gave in the order comment. Belt is exactly 13mm throughout and 9.8 – 9.9 cm wide. It’s stout, but it’s breaking in nicely. Pioneer cut is easy to use and allows for exact sizing. Highly recommend.

  24. Pablo Garciasalas

    I own a few Pioneer belts, from single prong to lever 10mm and 13mm up until I used this Pioneer Cut I swore by the 13mm treated lever belt, but this Pioneer Cut is so much more versatile and comfortable, was fortunate to receive it 2 weeks before my latest competition. Absolutely no issues as far as “breaking in” I am going to be exclusively using this belt for the foreseeable future, will not let the others collect dust but this will be my go to for sure. Excellent option.

  25. Fabian (verified owner)

    I just received my 6.5mm Pioneer Cut Belt from the mail straight to Germany after just exactly 7 days of ordering it, so first of all thanks for the extremely quick shipping.
    As for the belt itself, I am really really happy with it. I have worn a regular Inzer Single Prong Belt for many years now and am still getting bruised pretty bad every session I wear it, which is why I ordered this one. Due to the awesome .5 inch hole spacing I can now select the exact right tightness level I prefer and due to the slightly thinner belt (6.5 vs 10mm) I dont get as much pinching in the bottom of a squat or a deadlift. I have a really short torso and long femurs, so I have a quite horizontal back angle in both the squat and deadlift of the bottom which closes the gap between my thighs and torso to a great extent, which is why this thinner belt is so much more comfortable for me to wear. Due to it being high quality leather it will not expand anyways (and tbh I never really saw the use of such thick belts in the first place, especially 13mm just seems completely unnecessary to me, as if a 10 or even 6mm leather belt would expand when you apply pressure to it).

    So all in all, really pleased with the belt and another special thanks for fulfilling my request of making the size of the belt an extra inch smaller than the labeled size M, appreciate it!

  26. Eamonn BARKER-BURKE (verified owner)

    Pioneer Cut – 6.5mm Thick – Power Lifting Belt.

    Greetings from across the pond from here in the UK.

    Just received my belt and it is indeed a quality item of craftmanship – thank you Matt.

    All the best to you and your family and keep up the good work


  27. enarayan (verified owner)

    I just recently purchased the 13 mm 4 inch Pioneer Cut locally from Loaded Lifting and I’ve just received my 13 mm 3 inch Deadlift/Bench belt, which I ordered from this site. Both are incredibly solid and of the highest quality. I’m very impressed with the short turnaround time it took to process my order from this site and get it shipped to Oz. Highly recommended!

  28. Paul Merfeld (verified owner)

    Well made!

  29. Josh E. (verified owner)

    I’ve owned other weightlifting belts before and this one is great! As other reviewers said, none of the suede that contributes nothing to the structure, function or rigidity of the belt. I ordered mine “treated” and the leather is supple no stiffness or break in time needed at all. But the single most impressive thing is the buckle and the solid roller. No roller seems to get hung up on. You can get the belt very tight no problem.

  30. Rahul (verified owner)

    Excellent belt. The construction is solid with both the leather and buckle. Pioneer cut allows for easy adjustment between lifts (I wear it higher on squats and lower on deadlifts). The pioneer cut also allows me to shimmy the prong in without having to use a rack for leverage.

    The leather is stiff and provides excellent support. I opted for the treated version so no problem to wear right out of the box. However, I have been treating my belt with leather honey conditioner since it seemed dry. So far I have been treating 3x per week for a month and it has drank up a lot but become much more flexible.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this for lifters looking for abdominal support on the squat, deadlift, and overhead press.

  31. Joe G (verified owner)

    I’ve owned a lot of belts in the past. I am making a come back to powerlifting, this is by far the best belt I’ve ever owned. After using it for only one squat and dead lift workout, it feels like it’s already broken in. Absolutely no discomfort with this belt.

  32. marrahm (verified owner)

    Pioneer adjustability is great. As is the thickness. But at this price there are probably better values since they do cut some corners on the belt. Like with the rivets, which are not solid but are hollow and split expanded on the inside.

  33. Gari

    I’ve had the 6.5mm pioneer cut belt (M) for a little over a year now and love it. The 1/2″ adjustments are perfect for the months you are either cutting/bulking and provide great comfort and fit. I’m looking to perhaps upgrade to another belt (maybe 10mm) from Pioneer again, but am torn between the level (to add a PALS) or stick with the good old pioneer cut!

    Cant go wrong with this belt.

  34. Tim F

    By far the best belt I’ve owned. The quality of materials and fabrication is excellent and I really like the adjustability of the Pioneer Cut single prong system with offset holes. The folks at Pioneer were excellent to deal with, very helpful! The belt shipped extremely fast as well, which is appreciated.

  35. Connor M (verified owner)

    Amazing lifting belt. I have now been actively using the Pioneer Cut 13mm 4 in belt for about 4 months and I broke it in to how I like it about 2 months ago. I mainly use it for squats, deadlifts, and trap bar deadlifts due to the construction of the belt. This thing is built to last. You can feel it the second you take it out of the box and a couple months later it almost feels to have only become sturdier! The Pioneer Cut is honestly the way to go for those small adjustments you can make week to week as you bulk/cut or as you go heavier in weight and need that core reinforcement. The quality is impeccable and the customer service worked with me every step of the way. Dollar for dollar incredible value and the best weight belt I have ever owned hands down.

  36. Jacob Murr (verified owner)

    I ordered this belt about a year ago and it came in well under the estimated time, it’s been with me through thick and thin and my lifts have been safer, heavier, and more comfortable I would definitely recommend this belt to anyone wanting to lift some HEAVY ASS WEIGHT!!

  37. Matt Cerda (verified owner)

    I bought the 3” version of this belt for my wife and she loves it. Great quality and totally worth it.

  38. Moe

    Impossible to put on and put off, despite breaking it in after a week. Too stiff. Do not recommend.

  39. Sasha (verified owner)

    I had this belt customized, shaved down to 10mm, thanks to fast and helpful customer service. They have also customized my size as i was between sizes. The quality of the belt is great, you can just tell its very well made! It is also very good looking, even though the shipping to Australia was expensive, still worth paying extra because i have not seen anything compared to this belt here! Thank you very much for the work you do!!!

  40. Daniel (verified owner)

    Unbelieveable belt. It is rock solid and the untreated leather aging beateutifuly. Pioneer cut is great for getting the perfect fit. I still love buckling up everytime. Customer service is top notch. Great value!

  41. D (verified owner)

    Superlative belt for all three powerlifts. The Pioneer Cut, 13 mm, 4 in., treated, all-leather belt does as much as any belt could possibly do. Feels great. Strong core contractions. Provides an extra notch of confidence. Although I don’t often use the finer adjustability of the Pioneer Cut, it has been helpful from time to time and works quite well. Craftsmanship is flawless. It may not be obvious, but the customer can specify a custom length in the Belt Notes section of the order form. My belt was cut exactly as specified.

    Before purchasing, Pioneer’s excellent customer service helped me with a few things I was wondering about, which I have subsequently verified for myself.

    Does it slip? No. There is a belief out there that suede is necessary to prevent a belt from slipping on the torso. While the exterior of the belt is fairly smooth and beautifully finished, the interior has a roughness or coarseness to it. When wearing a t-shirt and a properly tightened belt, the belt doesn’t move.

    Does the belt feel different when a top row or bottom row hole is used? No, it just feels like a good, thick belt.

    Does the prong move around when the belt is fastened? No. There’s a wider cutout for the prong base to accommodate the two rows of holes. However, once the belt is tightened, the prong is secure.

    Break-in. This belt is much tougher than my old suede 10 mm, but not too bad. I’ve had a bit of a learning process in the way of situating the belt appropriately for a given lift and efficiently tightening it. Early on, I had to fight the thing to get it tight. After three months of regular use, the belt feels great and is easy to fasten and unfasten.

  42. Spencer Hedges

    I lifted in the IPF in Sweden in the early 90’s. Nearly 30 years later, my belt had shrunk to such an extent that I could barely get the two prongs into the last hole around my waist and there was a decent chance it would pop free in a parallel level squat. I had looked around for a new belt online and found pioneer powerlifting when my daughter asked about a birthday present I said I wanted a 6’5 mm “pioneer cut belt” (I never liked the 10mm belts they injured my ribs too much – short torso- and no one seems to make quick release less than 10mm). I had a senior moment and I gave her the details thinking that the XL would be the correct size for my 40″ waist. It was not. I should have asked for the large. Mea culpa.

    This belt is very well made. I’m sure it’ll outlive me. The leather is just the correct level of stiffness to provide support without giving that feeling of wearing a piece of iron. The rivets and buckle are obviously top quality. When I used this belt for the first time today I found it very easy to engage and disengage the single prong. The 1/2 inch spaced holes are a very nice improvement on a classic belt. I’d definitely recommend this belt to anyone who cant (or wont) use a thicker belt. Just order the correct size LOL!

  43. Kurt Brendstrup (verified owner)

    I purchased the “Pioneer Leather Power Lifting Belt”. Very nice lifting belt. I measured as “Medium” and the fit is perfect. I’m right in the middle of the hole pattern. I really like the “Pioneer Cut” system as well.
    The quality of the workmanship, leather and buckle, etc. is excellent. Will last forever.
    It also came very quickly. Shipped out and arrived in a little over 2 weeks.
    Highly recommended!

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