Pioneer Heavy Duty Lifting Straps

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These Heavy Duty Lifting Straps are made for extreme lifters. These super durable lifting straps are 24″ long and made from a high quality and very durable cotton material to meet your needs! You will not be disappointed. (Sold in pairs) €œMade in the U.S.A.


4 reviews for Pioneer Heavy Duty Lifting Straps

  1. skillforbank

    Most comfortable strap I’ve used. It’s the same kind of strap Pete Rubish has been using recently. I’ve never ever dropped a deadlift with these and I’ve been pulling over 600lbs quite frequently lately. (Got these when my max was 495 and I pulled 625 last week, I’ve done nothing but constantly set PRs with these since I got them!)

    I’ve had them for ~4-5 months now and I’ve used them multiple times per week since. Only issue is that they’re finally starting tear on the loop that you stick the strap through. I think this is more due to how much I’ve abused these since I first got them and the fact that I bought my own texas deadlift bar to use them on, so the brand new super deep and rough knurling definitely played a part in the mild tearing.

    Highly recommend. These will for sure last a hell of a lot longer than any of the $10 straps you’ll find at sporting good stores.

    Also worth mentioning that although mine are starting to tear, the kind of material they are made out of REALLY digs into the bar making them even more secure than the standard typical nylon straps.

  2. George

    How do this wraps compare with the ones ATP made?

    • Matt Hadden (verified owner)

      They’re the same. We produced lots of what APT sold

  3. Ivan Perez (verified owner)

    Picked up a pair of the blue stripe color combo and when they say heavy duty, they mean it. They’re really thick and the cotton feels a lot better than the cheap nylon stuff at your local athletic stores.

  4. Brad Combs (verified owner)

    Had these for a year now. I use them a LOT due to some other physical challenges, back day, flys on chest day, holding dumbbells on shoulder and arm days… Still in perfect condition with absolutely no signs of wear. They are simple but, frankly, they are the best wearing straps I have owned.

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