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The new Chimera wraps by Pioneer are the brain child of the one and only IFBB Pro Dr. Ben Pollack (AKA PHDeadlift). Ben wanted the support of the Phantom material but the comfort and feel of the Guardian material for this special project. By carefully and durably combining these two materials, we were able to achieve a wrap unlike anything else on the market. 1/2 phantom material (thick, strong, aggressive) , 1/2 guardian material (thin, comfortable, stretchy). The Chimera wrist and knee wraps are competition legal in the USPA and do fall in line with the specs of other powerlifting federations as well. We are excited to introduce another new product into the fitness world.

3 reviews for Chimera Wrist Wraps by Pioneer

  1. DJ (verified owner)

    I’ve always preferred a more flexible wrist wrap over casted, but lately I’ve been having issues with my wrists so I decided to go with more support. Was originally going to order phantoms but I saw these and decided to try them. It’s a great idea and they’re very well made. My only concern was how well will they hold up over time, as they are literally two different wraps sewn together in the middle. (Keep this in mind when selecting your length. I ordered 36” to ensure I got an adequate amount of both.) Both individual wraps are very high quality and where they are sewn together is clearly very solid craftsmanship. After using them, I’d honestly be surprised if they did not hold up. They are definitely made with the quality that you’d expect from Pioneer. As a personal preference I wish they’d come with a thumb loop. I don’t “use” the thumb loop but I grip it in my hand to hold the wrap in place where I want it while cranking it, so it doesn’t roll around my wrist as I pull. This is just my preference though and they probably would add one if you emailed them prior to purchasing. Overall very good product.

  2. Aidan Miller (verified owner)

    Ordered these after previously using the grey chimeras. Used my grey ones for squats and bench for almost a year. No wear and tear, no breakdown of the material. And still had the flexible base and solid casting effect that these are unique for. And I love the ease of putting them on and off. Loved these red ones so i decided to get these too. Overall excellent craftsmanship and quality of the material. Definitely worth a purchase.

  3. Ricky (verified owner)

    Purchased both the 24” and 36” wraps after using el cheapo Amazon stuff the last few years. I wasn’t sure what size to get and if 12” of each material would be enough based on a previous review. After messing around with both sizes I have opted to keep the 24”. My wrist size is pretty average at 7-7.25” and I bench in the mid 2’s. I use these for OHP and squatting also d/t right wrist carpel tunnel from working in front of a computer or playing on my PC at night. I can say w/o a shadow of a doubt that 99% of people can use these in 24” wraps. I can’t imagine needing the 36” unless have massive forearms, a wrist circumference of above 8.25” or you are hitting an OHP of 250+, bench of 405+ or squatting 500 or beyond, though the 24” wraps can likely handle this weight no problem. They are extremely well made, the stitching is extremely strong and I have no concerns on anything falling apart. They have the best Velcro I have ever used. I was able to crank the 24” wraps down so tight my hand went purple and I couldn’t move my wrist. I highly recommend these. Pioneer makes great equipment and if you don’t have a belt of theirs yet, you are doing yourself a disservice. Also FWIW, the black and gray chimera’s aren’t made anymore though they are listed on the site still so black and red is all you can get.

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