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The Pioneer Cell Phone Sleeve is designed to slide over your existing 3″or 4″ belt to hold your cell phone in place and headphone cords out of the way during training. We noticed that most people are putting their cell in the belt loop in prong belts but there is nowhere to put it on a lever belt so this is our solution. You can get them in any color suede that we offer so it matches your belt. They will come with our logo embroidered.

How it works:
Stretch the elastic backing to make the sleeve have a larger circumference and slide the sleeve over your belt. You can position the sleeve to the back, side, or front to get in the most comfortable position for you.

By using the elastic stretchable material on the inside and a comfortable yet durable suede outside, we make a sleeve that will conform to nearly any size phone, iPod, or other music player. This will fit most phones (in
or out of a case).

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4 reviews for Cell Phone Sleeve by Pioneer

  1. Dee Steele

    Well I’ve been using my sleeve since Sunday and so far I LOVE IT! I have
    the Samsung S6 with the otterbox and it fits in it with no problem, snug
    so it doesn’t fall out. I tried it in a few different areas and found I
    like it best all the way on so its on my left side right behind the handle
    (where the tongue fits in). It does its job and seems to be holding up

    My buddy loves it, he has shown I know 30 people while using it, they all
    seem interested because his crew (phy. and body builders) walks around in
    their belts their entire workout, unlike mine where you are in and out
    during heavy power lifts. Still isn’t an issue at all!!!!
    he has the Iphone 5 (13mm inzer) I believe and his phone is snug as well.

    Its a wonderful little accessory that can be moved around and is fairly
    easy to get on and off. Very versatile.
    I have one to give my girl as soon as she comes home (currently in CO at
    USAPL Nationals)

    I see it useful as well for wireless headsets when you dont have pockets
    and dont want to sit your phone on a bench or the floor. My husband uses a
    wireless set but he is always watching for his phone when he sits the
    weights down or looking around when he loses connection from walking to
    far from it. With this PROBLEM SOLVED!he weres a stock Valeo belt and has
    a Samsung S7. He goes back to the gym tonight, he’s been out with Strep so
    I will have his personal input as well soon.

    I love that we all have different belts and different style phones!

    I think these are wonderful and serve their purpose perfectly. We will
    gladly post and tag you on both social medias if you like just let me
    know if that’s what you want and we will get them out there for ya. Thank
    you so much for allowing us to be a part of the test crew.

  2. Nick

    Received mine free with my belt I ordered and its awesome holds my phone no problem. no more putting in my pocket and falling out another great quality product from this company! ??

  3. Kipp

    Item is awesome, also have a 120G IPod and that holds it just the same

  4. Ivan Perez (verified owner)

    Fits plus size phones nice and snug. Have been using it for over a year and the only thing I’ve managed to do is get it dirty. Suede rules!

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