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★★★★★ It is pure genius

Hi Greg! I got my belt and I love it! I just want to thank you for your patience, inputs, and fantastic customer service through the entire process. I am very glad I asked for the pioneer cut — it is pure genius! Please extend my thanks to the crew as even though my belt is one in thousands, it feels and looks special.
Happy Friday!
– Jo

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★★★★★ The craftsmanship, care, and customization of the belt are perfect.

I got your card and thank you note in the box with my belt and I just wanted to reply and tell you how grateful I am that you send that along. The belt has been fantastic and has so far been the envy of my small gym.

The craftsmanship, care, and customization of the belt are perfect and I’m really glad I spent the money on something you clearly have put a lot of effort into.

Thanks again!

Regards New Customer,
Robert M.

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★★★★★ I was almost in tears as to how beautiful it was

Hey Matt,

I wanted to take a few minutes and write a review on your product & the company itself.

I found your company through a mutual friend who is a powerlifter, he recommended you guys. I looked you guys up on Instagram and was hooked. I am not a powerlifter, I’m a tiny body builder in the bikini division in the IFBB, but I wanted a good belt from a good company and Pioneer was my choice.

I ordered my belt on May 19, 2018. The ordering on the website was pretty simple, I didn’t have any trouble with it whatsoever. The price was fantastic, in my opinion.

On May 20. I realized I had made a small mistake with my font, I called and a lovely woman pulled my order up and helped me right away with no issues. She was super friendly and nice which I appreciate.

Everyday I really love that you Instagram Live your orders. Its super fun to see the belt process and updates, and maybe catch a glimpse of your belt being made in the warehouse. I love that you take the time to not only show the belts, but you answer every single question on Live, as to where people’s orders are. And I think thats amazing. Interacting with your customers, to me is super important.

I wore my belt for the first time today, I loved it. It was super comfortable. When I took it out of the box I was almost in tears as to how beautiful it was. I know my belt was simple, but I’ve worked for 3 years to get IFBB put on a belt, and I am ecstatic it was Pioneer that gave me that gift.

Thank you Matt, and everyone at Pioneer for making my experience with such an important & expensive piece of gym equipment enjoyable, comfortable, and on time. I will be a customer for life and I appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail from the ordering process, to my belt being shipped to my doorstep.

Thanks again!

C. Garthwaite

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★★★★★ My opinion….. best lifting belt I have ever used in my life!

54 yr old guy here in Virginia, been lifting since 15. Too stingy to purchase a new belt so bought a Pioneer 10mm 4” belt from a guy who had hardly used it. My opinion….. best lifting belt I have ever used in my life! The build is absolutely 2nd to none. I normally don’t do this mainly because things just aren’t built like they used to be. This belt is certainly worth the time it takes me to type this email commending Pioneer on making what will probably be my last lifting belt (even if I’m squatting at 100! Which I hope to be!)

There ya have it.

Please keep making them in the USA and my hats off to you.

Happy 4th of July
Tim T.

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★★★★★ I KNOW he will love it!

Good afternoon Mr Hadden.
I just received the custom belt you guys made and I LOVE it!!!! My team and I ordered this for our coach as a Birthday gift, and joked about how we may actually get to see him cry after all the tears we shed with our workouts- lol. The belt is SO beautiful and better than I could have imagined! I KNOW he will love it!

Thank you so much for this quality product. I will make sure to post pictures to your Instagram when we present it to him.

W. Bagley

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★★★★★ The design on it came out flawlessly

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to let you know I have received my belt and it is incredible. It surpassed my already high expectations. The design on it came out flawlessly and it looks great.I just want to thank you and everyone over at Pioneer for the great customer service. If anyone I know is in the market I know exactly where I’m pointing them towards.

R. Pena

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★★★★★ It’s simply perfect

Hello Kimberly,

My belt is in after the correction, and it’s simply perfect!!! I appreciate your efforts to fix my issue.

Thanks again for everything. You have one happy customer here, and I already spilled the news of my belt all over my local gym. You for sure will have some new orders due do that :-)

Continue the excellent services and business yall have.

V. Yazdi

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★★★★★ I couldn’t be more happy

Hi Matt,
I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to yourself and your crew for my custom belt. I couldn’t be more happy it. Despite the website saying up to a 6 week lead time you had it made and delivered here to the UK in less than 5. To come home to that box made my day – I strapped in straight on, went outside to my gym and hit a squat PR! How’s that for a placebo effect!

The quality of this belt is amazing, especially the finer detail in my design around the outside.

Thank you again, I can’t wait to order another! (Just don’t tell the wife ;) )

E. Giles

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★★★★★ You just motivated me to push even harder

Omg no way , I am so in tears, if u only knew what this means to me, yes I am so crying, I can’t even begin to say thank you, I promise I will not give up, I plan to keep training and enter a show. I can’t believe you are doing this for me, you just motivated me to push even harder. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, you made my day even greater. Love to everyone involved, THANK YOU!