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★★★★★ Absolutely top level craftsmanship

You have no idea how giddy we were when the belts finally arrived. Absolutely top level craftsmanship and the embroidery turned out absolutely awesome. We are still breaking in the belts (especially my 13mm) but couldn’t be more pleased with the entire process.

That’s good to know that we can order a 4″ custom belt and just put in the notes to make 3″. Perfect. I think my girlfriend will eventually order a belt and will do the same thing for a 3″ belt.

Thank you so much for your excellent product and even better customer service. Better believe that we are spreading the word of Pioneer belts.

Regards, R. Bracken

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★★★★★ Spectacular product

I just wanted to thank you for all your speedy replies and help. The belt arrived on Tuesday and it looks and feels awesome! First of all it feels pretty much already broken in, and the support it offers is fantastic. Because you custom cut it to be a 3″ width, there’s no feeling of discomfort under my ribs, which was something I was concerned about. Overall you guys are making a spectacular product that I’d happily recommend to any of my friends.

U. Krishnan

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★★★★★ Perfection

I just wanted to shoot you a message regarding how great your products are and I haven’t even received my own belt yet! Yesterday I used my good friends double suede belt for squats after suffering for 10 months due to a motorcycle accident and all I have to say is… perfection. The confidence and support it gave me towards a very difficult movement (for me) was excellent! I Immediately went home to order one of my own and can’t wait to put it to use! I appreciate how informative your customer service line is and the top quality material put into your products. Keep providing the wonderful services and products you do!

T. Russo