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★★★★★ I am blown away by my new lifting belt.


Your card was in the package with my new lifting belt so I thought I’d shoot you a note.

I am blown away by my new lifting belt. The craftsmanship is top notch. The fit is perfect. I squatted this morning with it and felt incredible.

I will not hesitate to tell everyone and anyone about my belt and where I got it.

The ordering process was smooth. I even got some help via email to make sure the belt would fit properly.


Rob P.

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★★★★★ Totally worth the investment

I received my belt today, thank you so much. It was everything I imagined, it’s so beautiful and purrfect ( cause it’s leopard ). It was
totally worth the investment about 380$ 🤪 …. I don’t like to spend money, but this was 100% worth it. I can’t wait to lift heavy in it. Thank you soooooooo much for real, you made my vision a reality. 💕💕

Kimberly C.

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★★★★★ It’s a perfect fi


Belt arrived in Greenisland today (just about 6 miles from Belfast). As it happens it’s my birthday tomorrow so an extra present.

Just wanted to saw thanks for outstanding customer service, the belt is just excellent quality, the laser buckle is superb… looks excellent. Most of all, it’s a perfect fit.

Can’t thank you guys enough.

C. Davis

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★★★★★ Damn, this thing is just well made.

Have you ever looked at a product and said to yourself “damn, this thing is just well made.”

Pretty cool feeling, right?

In the gym equipment space, there are some companies who really excel at craftsmanship.

American Barbell with barbells and Sorinex with power racks to name a couple.

Pioneer belts fall firmly in this category, and I would go so far as to say they make the most beautiful and carefully constructed belts I’ve ever seen. ….

Read more from Garage Gym Lab.

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★★★★★ You have my business for life.


I’ve finally received the belt here in Indonesia (via my freight forwarder). Three weeks from time of order was faster than expected.

I feel compelled to write you as this belt is seriously awesome! I’m blown away at how perfect the construction is. Stitch by stitch, absolutely

You have my business for life.


J. Lukmito

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★★★★★ Words can not even describe

Words can not even describe how thankful i am for all of the help that you and the company have given me. The fact that you have been so patient with ensuring that the belt is perfect is amazing and has definitely been recognized. If i ever need a belt in the future, i know who im getting to make it. I will also be recommending your company to others who are
looking for custom belts.

Michael P.

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★★★★★ Beyond my expectations

No complaints here, I just wanted to say thank you, I received my custom belt and couldn’t be more satisfied, it’s literally better than I had envisioned. The attention to detail and level of craftsmanship goes beyond my expectations and I’ve owned a few belts from other reputable companies like Inzer but they don’t even come close to this one.

Thanks for a quality product that I’m sure will last me a lifetime.

Kazi H.

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★★★★★ It couldn’t be more epic

Hey matt and mafia! Got my belt in after two days shipping like amazon(what the fuck!) while waiting exactly 30 days. This is my first full custom belt after 15 years and it couldn’t be more epic. Everything is perfect, smooth and consistent from the stitching and leather quality to the finish on the black hardware. I been fighting a motorcycle accident for 4 years and 5 surgeries to get my leg function back and i bought the best when i was able to train hard enough to need one. Thank you pioneer and matt for putting in the love on my belt even thou im a simple soul and got minimal embroidery. I couldnt be happier at this point in time. Thank you.
Dustin H.
Mynd Strength Co.