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★★★★★ How great my new belt is compared to my older Inzer

Just wanted to let you guys know how great my new belt is compared to my older Inzer. Since I’m 62 now, my weights are lower so I really appreciate the comfort and fit of my new 6.5 mm belt. The lever is silky smooth. Just a pleasure to wear while deadlifting and squatting. Thanks for making the ideal belt for this stage in my lifting life!

T. Weiss
Great Bodies Personal Training
Winter Park, FL

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★★★★★ You just made yourselves a customer for life

I have just received my 3m Phantom Knee Wraps and I honestly am already more than one-hundred percent satisfied with the product and the quality of it. I would like to thank you guys personally for delivering me such a great product and getting it to me right on Leg Day so that I could enjoy them immediately. You guys are great and you just made yourselves a customer for life and I will wholeheartedly recommend you to all my fellow lifters from here on out.
Thank You

Z. Lowery

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★★★★★ You’ve made this girl super happy

Hey Matt,
Just a quick message from Australia to thank you so much for my 3 amazing belts, the last 2 just arrived today and one is a special gift for a training buddy so the timing was perfect!!! The white python and leopard belt is out of control amazing and has helped my lifting immensely. It looks edgy and does the job brilliantly.

I think I watched every live vid you posted in the hope of seeing them but alas didn’t but enjoyed the product viewing immensely. Massive thanks you’ve made this girl super happy and soon to be the birthday girl.

Kerry H.

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★★★★★ Your customer service was outstanding

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to reach out and tell you about my experience with ordering my custom powerlifting belt.

From the first time I spoke to Greg until the belt was received your customer service was outstanding. I spoke with Greg multiple times and communicated through text and email also. Every time Greg was helpful, polite and went above and beyond what I expected. I will only ever use a Pioneer belt and I’ve already been recommending people buy your product.

I train with 5 national powerlifting champions and hold state records myself. One of our lifters at 504 Fitness in New Orleans purchased a belt and was so impressed prompted me to change from Inzer to Pioneer. I can tell you that if any of my team mates are replacing a belt it will be through you.

Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to getting some more records at my next meet in January wearing my Pioneer belt.


Chris R.

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★★★★★ Thank you Matt for running such an amazing company.


Good morning, Im writing to thank for fixing my dyed training belt (4inch x 2inch red). I originally sent it back to be repainted (red) and have the belt loop tightened. I enclosed a letter requesting that if possible, the faded black color design be added to my belt for an additional $35. Not only was the faded color design done beautifully along w the belt loop but I wasn’t charged. You also changed the suede on the inside of the belt and gave me a new buckle. My belt looks amazing, basically brand new . I was wondering if you did in fact give me a brand new belt???

Regardless, I would like to thank you so much for being so kind to me and producing such an fine piece of art-you are a fantastic artist. You have
an amazing company. You treat customers like they matter. I currently own 3 different belts from Pioneer and I make all my clients that i train
purchase from you. But I digress. Thank you Matt for running such an amazing company. God bless you and your family.