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A Few Good Men • Pioneer Custom Belts

Our company has made belts for some of the strongest men in the world. We are very proud to know that our products have been tested and trusted by lifters of all different strengths. Here are some of the men that use our belts and/or wraps.

Kevin “Oak”

This belt is for Kevin “Oak”. He is an Animal sponsored athlete. 242lb Raw Powerlifter top 20 All Time with a 2,002lb Total. He will be competing at GPA Worlds in November 2014. Check him out if you don’t know this guy. Follow him on Instagram @oakstrong.

Andrey Malanichev
Andrey Malanichev

This belt was made for Andrey Malanichev. He is a big fan of the band Iron Maiden so naturally we had to get him a belt with their font. Andrey Malanichev is one of the strongest men on earth and recently hit a 1,014lb squat. Follow him on IG @andrey_malanichev.

Larry Wheels

This is Larry Wheels in his new Custom Pioneer Lever Belt. He is a 19 year old Phenom that is taking the powerlifting world by storm. Sponsored by Animal as well! Follow him on IG @larrywheels.

Eric Lilliebridge

This guy’s name should say enough. All time world record holder. Here is a picture of Eric in his new Custom Pioneer Lever Belt. Follow him on IG @ericlilliebridge.

Garrett GUNZ

Garrett GUNZ is an absolute Freak of Nature. He is an Animal Sponsored Powerlifter that loves his Custom Pioneer Power Belt. Follow him on IG @gunz504.

BJ Whitehead

This is BJ Whitehead in his new Custom Pioneer Lever Belt. He is a sponsored powerlifter. Strong AF. Check him out on IG @bjwhitehead.

USMC by Pioneer
USMC by Pioneer

Here is a photo of Kevin G. gear. He is a phenomenal raw bencher. He uses a Custom Pioneer Lever Belt and wraps!

Michael Loyd
Michael Loyd

Michael Loyd is a world record holder and also uses a Pioneer Lever Belt and wraps. He will be competing at GPA worlds next month.

Rob G.

Rob G. is proudly sponsored by us and loves his Custom Pioneer Lever Belt and wraps! Check him out on IG @nov_rob.


Luigi F.

Luigi F. Is another guy that you need to check out. He is an absolute beast. His has a couple of Custom Pioneer Belts. Follow him on IG @luigifagiani.


Pioneer Custom Belts
Pioneer Custom Belts

Here is a cool picture of some of our work on some really awesome people. @oakstrong, @rebeccasaurus_flex and @larrywheels.

We are extremely proud that these guys and girls have trusted us to make their belts. They are all extremely accomplished lifters with bigger things yet to come. I cannot express how much each and every customer means to myself, my family, and our business. Thank you to everyone that has supported us throughout the years!

13 thoughts on “A Few Good Men • Pioneer Custom Belts

  1. I have been involved with the “Ironsport” for 43 years now. I also own and have used just about every brand and style of weightlifting belt there is. With al due respect, General Leathercraft’s are the best I’ve used, as there is no equal to genuine premium leather. That they are USA made is the clincher for me, too. Great craftsmanship never goes out of style, and thankfully there is till some left in the USA, as evident by General Leathercraft’s fine belts.

  2. Hello! Greetings?
    I have a request to make, I saw the kemp save custom belt on your Instagram and I just have to have a duplicate, I grew up being called kemosabe by my father, I’m currently enlisting to the military and my two favorite colors are black and red, please send me a response with the availability and cost of a remake. Thanks!

    1. Hey Dexter, I will have to get with the first purchaser as he actually hand drew the Indian head that was on that belt so it would be an original piece. If you can do a different picture, I think it would be best but I will email him to get a response either way. Thank you for your service and you can email me back at any time.

      1. Thank you Matt, I appreciate the quick response!

  3. Mr. Hadden,

    When I received the e-mail my belt was on the way it was like being a little kid and getting that bicycle for Christmas! I have lived the fitness lifestyle for over 30 years and I was watching one of Mike Rashid’s videos and he gave your company a shout out and I knew I had to order me a custom a belt. I left corporate America to follow my passion for advocating health/wellness and this custom belt maybe minor to some people, but to me this belt is special.

    Big Thank you!!!

  4. About how long after ordering a custom belt should I expect my order? Thanks!

    1. It is taking us around 4 weeks right now due to the holiday rush.

  5. For weightlifthow, how can we determine the thickness and width of the belt if it will be too restricting for snatches and clean & jerks according to our waste and height between our hips and ribs?

    1. Hey Oliver, This is a very difficult question to answer as this is a personal preference issue. Techniques and bar paths are different for most lifters so I would have to say start with the thinnest belt and work your way up in thickness. If I were to recommend a belt, I would say a 6.5mm treated training belt.

  6. how do I make my own

    1. Each product page has the available options for customization. Please just email or call if you have any questions.

  7. I lost my weight lifting belt 20 years ago it was a raw brown leather color and never stopped missing it . it was a gift with my name on it and my favorite Nfl team Dallas Cowboys branded what do you recommend. I don’t left heavy anymore but still desire that look and safety ! Thank you Willie Sanchez

    1. no suede or anything? Email me at and we can take a look.

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