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Pioneer Cut – 6.5mm Thick – Power Lifting Belt

(10 customer reviews)

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Introducing the “Pioneer Cut”. It is a patented design* that Steve Strohm designed and partnered exclusively with Pioneer to bring to market. We have taken the existing traditional prong buckle and made it better and more customizable in terms of sizing. Offsetting two lines of holes, this design allows for you to tighten the belt in 1/2″ increments instead of the normal 1” that most companies currently offer. Due to the smaller increments, the belt can be worn at the correct tightness keeping the lifter more safe, and allowing the belt to be unbuckled much easier.

The Pioneer Leather Power Lifting Belt Features:

  • Nickel plated rivets and buckle
  • Excellent Pliability and Strength
  • Vegetable tanned, full grain sole leather
  • Made in the U.S.A.

*U.S. Patent number 11,224,531




Have you ever had the problem where you can’t get your prong belt the right tightness? How about the problem of getting the belt off after a big lift?

Introducing the “Pioneer Cut”. It is a patented design* that Steve Strohm designed and partnered exclusively with Pioneer to bring to market. We have taken the existing traditional prong buckle and made it better and more customizable in terms of sizing. Offsetting two lines of holes, this design allows for you to tighten the belt in 1/2″ increments instead of the normal 1” that most companies currently offer. Due to the smaller increments, the belt can be worn at the correct tightness keeping the lifter more safe, and allowing the belt to be unbuckled much easier.

Our Power Lifting Belt is designed to protect and support your back during heavy squats. They are constructed using the best genuine sole leather we could find. With nickel-plated rivets and buckles holding this belt together, you can rest assured it will be useful for years to come. The edges are beveled for added comfort which shows that we take the “little things” into consideration. The leather can be treated with a non-toxic water soluble blend for more suppleness and a darker color. The pliability of this power lifting belt is excellent and is comfortable from the very first use and strong enough for a lifetime of abuse. Our patented treatment makes this powerlifting belt unique to all other powerlifting belts on the market and will help support your spine during those heavy loads.  These powerlifting belts are available with a tapered tongue for an easier grip. Our 4″ Powerlifting Belts also come with a single prong or a double prong option! Comes with our Lifetime Warranty. 100% Made in the U.S.A.

What do you want in a power lifting belt?

Genuine leather? Yes, All of our leather powerlifting belts are made from 100% Genuine Grade A Sole Leather Bends.

Pliability and Strength? Got that! These powerlifting belts come to you ready to break PR’s and are the most comfortable leather powerlifting belt on the market today!

Guaranteed for life? If this powerlifting belt breaks or fails due to a manufacture defect or faulty hardware, we will repair or replace it forever!!!

Made in the USA? Check, Everything on our website is made in our warehouse in the great state of Texas.


Make sure that you measure around the waist (where you plan on wearing your belt), and that that measurement falls into the size range.

Custom sizes can be made upon request!!!

*U.S. Patent number 11,224,531

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 12 in

10 reviews for Pioneer Cut – 6.5mm Thick – Power Lifting Belt

  1. William Perry (verified owner)

    Great belt. This company knows what it means to be an American made, high quality, amazing customer service company.

  2. Ken Hickey (verified owner)

    Received my 6.5mm Pioneer Cut Power Lifting Belt and I am more than thrilled with the quality & fit. Now having the adjustability of this belt vs. my old regular 1″ hole spacing is the best thing ever. Thanks for making such a quality product and at $115 I personally think it’s a great value.

  3. muratozs (verified owner)

    My first professional belt. Pioneer cut is pure genius. It gives so great adjustability to various lifts and pushes. I wonder why any other style even exists. I got treated leather option. The belt is in natural color. no box or instructions came with the belt. it is a natural color and it stains very very easily. After a few sessions, half of it is stained and looks very bad. I don’t know how to clean it and if I need to do anything for maintenance. Again lack of instructions. Size chart is wrong in my opinion. I got XL after measuring my size 40 inches. After receiving I realized it is too big for me. I use the last 4 rows of punches. Especially for people with 20 percent or more body fat, I recommend a smaller size. I also want to mention that the belt has no stitching. I am not sure if that is ok but I wonder if it will keep its shape in long run. Overall I am happy I got it mainly because of pioneer cut.

    • Matt Hadden

      Hey thank you for reviewing!

      Leather does stain as it does across all applications and especially when it comes to sweat, chalk, dirt, along with other variables found in a normal gym setting. Leather also ages as we all do and aesthetically forms what is called a “patina”. There are no care instructions for a basic leather belt because it is designed and offered at a price point where you can feel comfortable beating the heck out of it day in and day out all while trusting it to do its’ job.

      For sizing. If you were 40″ and wanted to be in the middle of the given size ranges, a Large would have been advisable since it fits 35″-44″. We try our best to answer any and all questions which is why there is a sizing video on all product pages.

      To address the stitching. This particular belt needs no stitching to function. Stitching on a single piece of leather is 100% there for aesthetic purposes, and not having any, will not add or take away from the durability aspect of the belt.

      I hope these answer/alleviate any of your concerns.


  4. Maximo (verified owner)

    The best!!!
    I bought the belt, and 10 days after that, Fedex was knocking my door.
    The product adjust perfect to bench, deadlift and squat.

  5. Fabian (verified owner)

    I just received my 6.5mm Pioneer Cut Belt from the mail straight to Germany after just exactly 7 days of ordering it, so first of all thanks for the extremely quick shipping.
    As for the belt itself, I am really really happy with it. I have worn a regular Inzer Single Prong Belt for many years now and am still getting bruised pretty bad every session I wear it, which is why I ordered this one. Due to the awesome .5 inch hole spacing I can now select the exact right tightness level I prefer and due to the slightly thinner belt (6.5 vs 10mm) I dont get as much pinching in the bottom of a squat or a deadlift. I have a really short torso and long femurs, so I have a quite horizontal back angle in both the squat and deadlift of the bottom which closes the gap between my thighs and torso to a great extent, which is why this thinner belt is so much more comfortable for me to wear. Due to it being high quality leather it will not expand anyways (and tbh I never really saw the use of such thick belts in the first place, especially 13mm just seems completely unnecessary to me, as if a 10 or even 6mm leather belt would expand when you apply pressure to it).

    So all in all, really pleased with the belt and another special thanks for fulfilling my request of making the size of the belt an extra inch smaller than the labeled size M, appreciate it!

  6. Eamonn BARKER-BURKE (verified owner)

    Pioneer Cut – 6.5mm Thick – Power Lifting Belt.

    Greetings from across the pond from here in the UK.

    Just received my belt and it is indeed a quality item of craftmanship – thank you Matt.

    All the best to you and your family and keep up the good work


  7. marrahm (verified owner)

    Pioneer adjustability is great. As is the thickness. But at this price there are probably better values since they do cut some corners on the belt. Like with the rivets, which are not solid but are hollow and split expanded on the inside.

    • Taryn Hadden

      Thank you for your review. We try our very best to not cut any corners while making any of the belts we sell. The one piece tubular rivets we use have been tested time and time again against two piece mate rivets (typically found in lifting belts) and have out performed them in terms of strength and longevity consistently. I know they may appear “cheap”, but they are the best tool for the application. Also, please note that these belts are guaranteed for life. If you ever have any problems with the rivets or anything else, just let me know and we will repair or replace it forever.

  8. Gari

    I’ve had the 6.5mm pioneer cut belt (M) for a little over a year now and love it. The 1/2″ adjustments are perfect for the months you are either cutting/bulking and provide great comfort and fit. I’m looking to perhaps upgrade to another belt (maybe 10mm) from Pioneer again, but am torn between the level (to add a PALS) or stick with the good old pioneer cut!

    Cant go wrong with this belt.

  9. Matt Cerda (verified owner)

    I bought the 3” version of this belt for my wife and she loves it. Great quality and totally worth it.

  10. Spencer Hedges

    I lifted in the IPF in Sweden in the early 90’s. Nearly 30 years later, my belt had shrunk to such an extent that I could barely get the two prongs into the last hole around my waist and there was a decent chance it would pop free in a parallel level squat. I had looked around for a new belt online and found pioneer powerlifting when my daughter asked about a birthday present I said I wanted a 6’5 mm “pioneer cut belt” (I never liked the 10mm belts they injured my ribs too much – short torso- and no one seems to make quick release less than 10mm). I had a senior moment and I gave her the details thinking that the XL would be the correct size for my 40″ waist. It was not. I should have asked for the large. Mea culpa.

    This belt is very well made. I’m sure it’ll outlive me. The leather is just the correct level of stiffness to provide support without giving that feeling of wearing a piece of iron. The rivets and buckle are obviously top quality. When I used this belt for the first time today I found it very easy to engage and disengage the single prong. The 1/2 inch spaced holes are a very nice improvement on a classic belt. I’d definitely recommend this belt to anyone who cant (or wont) use a thicker belt. Just order the correct size LOL!

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