Commander/Convict Knee Wraps

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Pioneer™ Commander Knee Wraps are made from extra heavy duty elastic to build the knee during heavy lifts like Deadlifts and Squats. The Commander is a very firm and supportive elastic made for competition work. These are what the pros use, and now you can use them too. They come in 2m, 2.5m, and 3m sizes for your convenience. Just like everything else we sell, they are made in the USA right here in our factory in Texas. Don’t mistake this, THESE WRAPS ARE HEAVY DUTY. They may not be for everyone but they will be there when you need them. These wraps have been around some of the strongest men and women on earth, so if are wanting to use what they use, these are it! They are design to be less “stretchy” compared to our other wraps to offer more support. Be more & lift more with the Pioneer Commander Knee Wrap!

These wraps are also known as Convict Knee Wraps.



4 reviews for Commander/Convict Knee Wraps

  1. Jordan (verified owner)

    Perfect blend of stiffness and rebound. Great support without being an uncomfortable casting type of wrap.

  2. David A. Gossage

    These wraps are the real deal. Throw away everything else, these are unreal how supportive, yet comfortable they are.

  3. Wullie

    Much less stretch than other wraps i have used (inzer and KLA2000). As such, fewer revolutions – 5-6 vs 8-9 with 2m inzers. Still, seemed supportive and good stopping. Much more comfortable than I would have thought. I would recommend.

  4. Wullie

    An addition to previous rating after using them for a few heavy sessions.
    The minimal stretch actually makes these very easy to wrap. I always fight other wraps to get that last mm of stretch. While these do not have much stretch, they can be cinched down and I’ve found a herringbone wrap secures down well for 5-6 revs and provides great stopping power. I have a slow descent, so sometimes the rebound of some wraps is lost on me.

    As for durability, I’ve used them for 10 sets or so and seem brand new. So, if you want a durable wrap that is easy to wrap and provides great stopping power and moderate rebound, give them a go.

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