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13mm Thick – Power Lifting Belt

(11 customer reviews)

Pioneer Double Thick Power Lifting Belt Features:

  • Nickel plated rivets & buckle
  • Vegetable tanned, full grain sole leather
  • Made in the U.S.A.

All 3″ belts must have, and will ship with, a tapered tongue and a single prong buckle.



About Your Belt

Customization Notice

Due to the different styles and belt options General Leathercraft reserves the right to alter any customizations to make sure the belt is functional. This includes our custom flag belts and all of our other belts. Additionally, thread used for stitching and custom embroidery are different and the colors may not match exactly. If you have questions about this policy please contact us before you purchase your belt.

Lead Time Notice

All embroidered/laser burned weight lifting belts ship within 6-8 weeks and non-embroidered weight belts ship within 2-4 weeks. No returns will be accepted without prior written authorization from General Leathercraft. Please read our Returns, Terms and Conditions for more information.

Order questions please contact us.

How to Measure

HOW TO MEASURE FOR YOUR WEIGHT BELTS: It’s very important to order the correct size for your weight belt. We cannot accept returns due to incorrect sizing. Additionally, we are unable to accept returns on custom belts. Please read for more information on our return policies.

All belts are made for right handed use, unless stated otherwise in belt notes.



Pioneer’s Treated Double Thick (13mm) 10cm Power Lifting Belt is the “best of the best”! This truly is the best powerlifting belt made. They are made by combining TWO of our normal Power Lifting Belts for the strongest and most durable power lifting belt on the market today. This belt is designed to give you extra intra-abdominal support from everyday strength training to competition lifts. This belt features Vegetable tanned, full grain sole leather, nickel plated rivets and a seamless roller buckle, and can be treated with our patented mineral/fish oil blend for a darker more supple appearance. The treatment process helps eliminate the break in time and helps the belt form to your body. If you are looking for a belt to use for the rest of your life, your search is over! This belt is made for the strongest power lifters in the world! Comes with our Lifetime Warranty and is Made in the U.S.A.€ (Try that with your made in Pakistan belt)

Pioneer Double Thick Power Lifting Belt Features:

  • Nickel plated rivets & buckle
  • Vegetable tanned, full grain sole leather
  • Made in the U.S.A.

All 3″ belts must have, and will ship with, a tapered tongue and a single prong buckle.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 12 in

11 reviews for 13mm Thick – Power Lifting Belt

  1. Jordan

    This is the only belt that should ever replace your 6.5mm belt. Thick enough to support heavy weights but the awesome treating process makes it soft and comfortable so you aren’t left with the belt bite of some others. Also this is a true thickness belt. Other manufacturers will claim theirs is a 10 or 13mm belt but thats including the suede covering. This is the real deal from a real family owned company right here in the USA.

  2. Chris D. (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my this belt. It has the classic look that I wanted and is made to last! What is even more impressive is the top notch customer service that you will receive, you simply can’t find that anymore. Matt truly cares about his customers and goes above and beyond to make sure you are 100% satisfied as a customer. I definitely recommend this company over the others.


  3. John Vitale (verified owner)

    I have a custom belt that is 30 years old but it does not fit me anymore…… I called Matt at Pioneer Belts while I was in the process of looking for a custom belt and explained what I wanted, and I would send him some pictures, My specs were a combination and variation of his catalog display. Matt called me back and said that he was certain he could craft the belt just like I wanted it………Other “Custom” belt makers claimed custom but it had to be within their cookie cutter specs……size being the only variable……Matt and Kimberly responded to every phone call and every email and answered all my questions and concerns explicitly. So I ordered the belt. Their attention to detail and my quirky demands was impeccable. Matt, personally crafted my belt and he matched every detail of my old existing built. The quality is excellent and unappalled to other “Custom” off the shelf belts, the craftsmanship is superb and the personal detail is evident. I used the belt for the first time yesterday and was extremely impressed with the fit, comfort and performance. This belt will out last me this time around…..Great people, great company, great quality. PS. I had the belt in less than a week….

  4. John Vitale (verified owner)

    I purchased my second belt from Pioneer, It was a discounted belt that is a second because of a flaw or blemish. I figured it would be a good everyday beater belt in the gym…….13mm all leather belt. The only flaw is some discoloring on the edge. I sent it back to have it treated and an additional hole punched in it………WOW what a belt…..It is for serious lifting and serious lifters. Pioneer makes a belt second to none…..Yes, I’m excited….finally to get a product that is what you expect when you pay for it…..Good job Pioneer, good job Matt. Thank you.

  5. Stuart (verified owner)

    I was searching for a new belt and everyone was charging $40.00 for shipping to my location except Pioneer who only charged a 1/4 of that price. The belt is very well made, made is the USA and because of the treatment was flexible for a brand new belt. I’m would highly recommend these belts.

  6. Jack (verified owner)

    Amazing piece of kit. The craftsmanship is top notch, the quality of the leather is superb. I’m loving my new belt and crushing PBs on it already. As everyone here said, customer service was excellent and I don’t suppose I’ll ever need another belt.
    On a side note – had it shipped to UK (very swift delivery by the way) and even with the delivery cost it was more than worth it.

  7. Chris Le (verified owner)

    I got this belt back in December of 2015 and I didn’t want to make a review until I’ve had many months of experience with it.
    So, when you first get the belt, it’s really stiff. Rolling it out and putting it to use really helped break it in for me.
    I would say it has been one of my best investments in terms of powerlifting because the extra thickness of the belt compared to others I’ve used didn’t give the same support as this belt had.
    Going into my first meet this past May, I was able to achieve a 500 lbs deadlifit and I would most likely attribute much of the help to the belt because I tightened my belt one notch tighter than I usually put for my lift and the extra tightness and thickness of the belt really helped me to make the lift.

    If you are looking for a a belt that will really give you the most for your money, try this one out. I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed!

  8. Web (verified owner)

    A belt of superior quality.

    I ordered this belt and didn’t pay enough mind to my measurements and on arrival, I was unable to buckle it around my waist!!! A decision was in order…purchase another belt immediately, or lose inches on my waist. I quickly calculated which option would lead to my using this magnificently crafted belt soonest. Option two. Lose inches. In two weeks time, after a lot of ab work, sweat, and a complete dietary overhaul…I had reduced my waistline sufficiently to buckle the belt to the forth hole. Perfect. (Of course I began using it immediately as soon as the first hole was reached, but I prefer the midrange of the belt to the outer extremity).

    It is a belt second to none. The support it offers and the confidence it gives me when secured allow me to push the upper limits of my squats and deadlifts. I anticipate breaking all my PR’s in short order.

    My wife loved the belt so much that she not so subtly dropped hints about what a perfect gift it would make for a loved one(meaning herself, of course).

    Without delay I ordered one to her specifications, custom colored to suit her preferences, and we both eagerly anticipate its arrival. I expect she will set new high PR’s also.

    Wonderful belt.

    Word to the wise….pay attention to the size ordering instructions on this website to avoid duplicating my folly. Or be prepared to drop inches quickly. There is nothing more maddening than holding the lifting belt of your dreams in your hands, and being unable to use it!

    Oh well, all’s well that ends well. :)

  9. David

    I contacted Pioneer about a new belt when I realized, weeks before a meet, that I was close to outgrowing my current one. I mentioned the meet date and acknowledged I wasn’t within their usual delivery date, and they told me they’d put a rush on it. A week and a half later, I got the belt, which really helped me so much. I’ve been using it and breaking it in, and it’s terrific. So helpful to have it in time to get used to it! Thanks!

  10. Jacob Murr (verified owner)

    I ordered this belt about a year ago and it came in well under the estimated time, it’s been with me through thick and thin and my lifts have been safer, heavier, and more comfortable I would definitely recommend this belt to anyone wanting to lift some HEAVY ASS WEIGHT!!

  11. Moe

    Impossible to put on and put off, despite breaking it in after a week. Too stiff. Do not recommend.

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