6.5mm Thick Leather Training Belt

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  • Single prong, double prong or our patented Pioneer Cut* ½” hole design
  • No suede, all leather
  • 6.5mm thickness
  • Nickel plated rivets and seamless roller buckle
  • Vegetable tanned, full grain sole leather
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Recommended Uses:

  • General training, olympic weightlifting, body building
  • Deadlifts, weighted carries, bodybuilding movements

Perfect for:

  • Adults and youth
  • Advanced and intermediate lifters

*U.S. Patent number 11,224,531


Our Pioneer Leather training belt is 4″ or 6″ in the back and tapers to 2.5″ in the front. The treated option applies our proprietary mineral/fish oil blend for a darker more supple appearance. Customize the outside with names and images laser burned in black to make this item as unique as you are! The Pioneer Cut Buckle is a patented design* that Steve Strohm partnered exclusively with Pioneer to bring to the iron game.

This belt is single thick meaning it is constructed of a single piece of sole leather offering a very pliable yet supportive belt. This belt can be geared to new lifters looking for comfort or seasoned lifters that are advanced in their bracing technique. Belt stitching is only available upon request as it is purely cosmetic.

*U.S. Patent number 11,224,531

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 12 in

14 reviews for 6.5mm Thick Leather Training Belt

  1. Andrew (verified owner)

    I normally do not take the time to write product reviews, however I felt compelled to do so after experiencing the quality level of both customer service and product from General Leathercraft. I was searching for a replacement after my previous training belt gave out after nearly 18 years of heavy and consistent use…to my dismay the manufacturer was no longer in business…I tried several other products but in all honestly, were inferior in quality and construction, breaking down in months!

    I stumbled across G.L. doing an internet search and was very glad I did—I had a couple of questions about the product first and Matt quickly got back to me with the helpful information I needed to make my decision. When my belt arrived shortly thereafter (free shipping no less!), I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality. It met and exceeded all of my expectations—and honestly, as good as my old belt was, this one is better. I fully expect this belt to last me until I’m too creaky to ever pick up another weight again (and I’m a fairly young dude, at least I like to think so..)

    I like to receive quality for what I choose to spend my money on, and will gladly go out of my way to recommend to others ONLY those businesses and products which have met and surpassed my expectations—this was certainly one of them. Five out of five stars!

  2. Jim

    Hello Matt,
    the LB4L weight belt you sent me is excellent, great quality, fast shipping and great prices and every thing is made in the USA. I will definitely spread the word, thank you and your family,


  3. Tom (verified owner)

    I needed to replace my old lifting belt which I had for about 30 years. I wanted to replace it with another just like it. I was not able to find a good replacement in any of the local stores and was so pleased when I came across General Leathercraft on-line and saw this belt which was as close as it could possibly be to the one that I was used to. I sent an email to the company late in the evening and got an almost immediate response from Matt. Since it was well after the business closing hours I was surprised. In fact, Matt was actually working out at the gym himself but took the time out of his work-out to respond several times to my questions via email. I had some specific specifications that I was looking for and Matt assured me that they could be met. So, I placed an order for the LB4 (treated) the very next morning. I received the belt two days later and they even paid for the shipping. The leather quality is superb and I was able to comfortably wear the belt right out of the box…whatever treatment they use makes it just soft enough to be comfortable but not compromise the stiffness that I was looking for in a weightlifting belt. I can not offer enough praise for how responsive Matt was to my numerous emails to him. He was always very quick to respond, always very positive and his primary concern was that I be satisfied with the belt, which I am. I was glad to be able to purchase from a family-owned business where the product was made in the USA, and the belt is guaranteed for a “lifetime”. Who does that anymore? I am so satisfied that I posted a General Leathercraft flyer in my gym so that others can know that this company and their great products exist. You can not go wrong with this belt. It is of the highest quality, very comfortable, very fairly priced (especially considering that the shipping is included in the price), and, if you have the pleasure of dealing with Matt, I can assure you the buying experience will be one of the best you have ever had. Matt, thanks again for offering such personal attention to me during this purchase. I look forward to doing future business with you and referring others to you as well. I don’t take the time to write reviews but felt obligated to write this one based on the product quality and excellent customer service. Best regards.

  4. Noel (verified owner)

    I emailed Matt with questions and he responded timely with exceptionally helpful information. He helped me pick this belt as the one that was most appropriate for me as I am a competitive weightlifter. He also emailed me personally when the belt was made and shipped. I live in Alaska and the belt arrived very quickly! I was very impressed with the craftsmanship of the belt. Though a relatively simple design, I knew that it was well taken care of, and some TLC went into the process. The leather is great quality and far surpasses belts I have used in the past. The treated belt is great with essentially zero break in time.

    I cannot recommend this belt enough.

  5. Saul Amador Jr (verified owner)

    So I spent hours searching a plain (no brand on belt) good quality belt and what I received far surpassed my expectations; God knows how I stumbled on General Leathercraft Inc.
    I have never done a review for a company in my life, but after doing business with Matt I had to. I was a bit on the fence about ordering one from here because I didn’t know if it would fit right or if I would even like it, but after receiving it in the mail, I LOVE IT!
    I placed my order probably at 1am; around 9-10am I received a email saying the belt was shipped. Within 2 days of receiving this email I got my belt.
    The video he has explaining the sizing of the belt is great. I took the measurements he said to take, explained to him what I wanted, and I even asked if there was a way he could make sure the package wasn’t left on my doorstep (I live in apartments and USPS likes to do that here); sure enough, the belt fits Perfect with plenty of room to lose weight or bulk, the material and quality of the belt was TOP OF THE LINE (Very comfortable and it feels durable), and written on the box topped with highlighter said, “DO NOT LEAVE ON DOORSTEP.” I also followed the USPS tracking code and it said it was delivered in mailbox.
    Overall, I was very pleased with the product and extra please with how they paid attention to the shipping detail.

    Oh! And like one the reviews above said “..guaranteed for a ‘Lifetime’. Who does that anymore?” They stand by their work.
    I will be recommending this company to all those who lift.

    Thanks a lot,


  6. Asher

    The belt is excellent quality – it is thick yet surprisingly supple before ever being used. I had a suede covered belt before and I have to say I prefer it without, as with this model. The suede is mostly cosmetic. However, be sure to protect the belt from moisture when not in use, because water may stain it – perhaps they could work on the leather treatment to make it more water resistant on the smooth side, perhaps not. Also, I did not get a shipping notice until a week after ordering due to a backlog of orders.

    However, the reason I’m giving it four stars instead of five is because the sizing advice given in the video from the president was off for me. I measured around my navel, which is 33″, just 1″ less than him, and he said he is a perfect medium, so I got the medium. Turns out I only use the 2nd and third holes, so the belt is one size, possibly two, too big. The reason is my natural waist – the narrowest point between your chest and hips for a non-fat person – is above my navel, and is 31″ or 2″ less in circumference. And I wear it around this point – below is my pelvis and above is my ribs, so it’s definitely the right place. I’m also not below 10% body fat, so it’s possible the belt wouldn’t be tight enough if I slimmed down.

  7. Braxton (verified owner)

    Got my new belt the other day and I’ve had two workouts with it so far. The fit is perfect and it feels as if it’s already broken in. Nice high quality leather and excellent work.
    Thank you.


  8. Neco (verified owner)

    Was looking into getting a new belt and didn’t know if i wanted to splurge on another Rogue or Inzer belt. Amazon belts didn’t look high quality enough. Saw a Reddit post that recommended Pioneer belts. All i can say is that ill probably never purchase another belt again (if this one ever gives out) from anyone other than GL. High Quality, great price, and probably the most comfortable belt that still gives support.

    10/10 would recommend.

  9. ian (verified owner)

    By far the best 4″ training belt I’ve ever owned, even after 50 years of lifting. Well made and worth every penny! And then some.

  10. Kent Johnson (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with this purchase. They were generous enough to rush my order so I could get it in time for the Texas State Weightlifting Championships, where I was able to hit a clean & jerk PR and secure a gold medal. I’d give it another star if I could.

  11. Daniel Turner (verified owner)

    I’ve had the 4″ weight training belt since about 2017. Great belt, fits snug as needed. I have the Small size.

    I bought the 2-prong version with black stitching & black buckle — looks great. I’ve always liked using 2-prongs vice 1-prong.

    When the belt arrived I got out a metal bowl and filled it up with Neatsfoot Oil. Then I wrapped-up the belt tightly with zip-ties. And placed the belt in the bowl — completely submerged in the Neatsfoot Oil — for 24 hours.

    After 24 hours, I pulled the belt out and wiped it down vigorously. This has provided the protection and flexibility I wanted.

    Thanks Pioneer for a great traditional 4″ weight training belt. I really like the old school traditional look, buckle, and thickness.

    And hey Pioneer — my only recommendation would be for you to embed the your name — “Pioneer” — on the *inside* of the belt. I think you deserve your name on your belt. I don’t like a brand name on the outside of a training belt — which is a reason why I avoided another brand.

    Plus, sometimes a person can forget over the years, — “Hey, where did I get this belt from? Dang.”

    So … when others ask, I want to be able to always say loud & proud, — “That’s a Pioneer belt – get the best.”

    Thanks Pioneer.

  12. Aiden M (verified owner)

    There isn’t much to say. The belt is great. I took it to the gym for some heavy cleans and it held up with no issues, the design is comfortable and allows for a nice amount of movement.

  13. Andrey (verified owner)

    Perfect level of stiffness for Olympic lifts. Super comfortable yet optimally supportive for maximizing performance of snatches and jerks. Also works real well for full squats.

  14. nisupelana

    Amazing belt. Hardware works great and leather is of great quality.

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