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10mm Thick – Lever Power Lifting Belt

(46 customer reviews)

The Pioneer Single Thick Double Suede Lever Power Lifting Belt Features:

  • Patented lever design
  • High quality garment suede
  • Vegetable tanned, full grain sole leather
  • Made in the U.S.A.!



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The Pioneer 10mm Lever Power Lifting Belts are great for everyone from professional bodybuilders to the beginner trying to get stronger. This belt is designed to protect and support the back during heavy lifts. It is constructed of genuine sole leather with a patented nickel plated steel lever for ease of use and finished with high quality garment suede on both sides in a huge variety of colors. These lever power lifting belts are meant to last so we decided that they should come with a Lifetime Warranty!  Made in the U.S.A.

The Pioneer Single Thick Double Suede Lever Power Lifting Belt Features:

  • Patented lever design
  • High quality garment suede
  • Vegetable tanned, full grain sole leather
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 12 in

46 reviews for 10mm Thick – Lever Power Lifting Belt

  1. MARCI (verified owner)

    This is a high quality excellent belt! It was made and delivered within a week. I couldn’t be happier

  2. Thad (verified owner)

    When I decided to buy a power lifting belt I did my research and it came down to really two companies, General Leather craft and the other company (rhymes with minzer).
    The other company said 4-6 weeks at best for delivery. I call General Leather Craft spoke to Matt who helped my figure out my size, and also told me colors where NOT a special order. I order a size large grey belt on Monday 6/20 – it ARRIVED Saturday 6/25. Outstanding Quality, the buckle is very solid and easy to position. The best way I describe this belt, is when I showed it to my friends who are much more serious lifters than I am they said the same thing “Yeah, I should of bought this belt instead of the one I have” – You cannot go wrong with the belt or General Leather craft!

  3. Nicolò Segantin


  4. Javier Ocampo (verified owner)

    I purchased a custom belt for a Christmas gift for my wife. I order it in the beginning of November assuming it would take a month to receive; however, it’s 11/28 and its already wrapped and under the tree. Personally, I ordered a belt from another company and did not receive it for 2 months, and received no tracking information. Pioneer called me to go over questions they had on my customized options I selected–the customer service person I spoke with was very helpful/professional.
    The belt I ordered is a Wonder Woman themed belt, and the quality is exactly what I anticipated–worth every penny. I have recommended Pioneer to anyone I speak with about lifting belts. I can’t wait to get my own belt from them. Thank you Pioneer, and Merry Christmas ~

  5. Danny Tran (verified owner)

    I purchased this belt late last year and after a few months of use, I can say that this is a great bang for the buck. High quality, Amazing Customer Service and super quick shipping. My only gripe (small complaint) the suede on the belt is starting to peel off and the holes that lock the lever are starting to get larger. This is probably just due to normal use, but other than that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another belt from these guys.

  6. Gilbert (verified owner)

    I’m simply blow away. The craftsmanship is felt instantly when you first hold it. The personal connection is felt with this company they don’t treat you like a customer but almost like family in making sure you get what you’re asking for in the belt. I am proud to wear this and ready for war! Thank you guys again and God Bless.

  7. Delia Steele

    I bought my first custom belt about a year ago. Its a 10 mm double prong, medium double suede gray and I use it no less than 4 days a week. First off I have 4 other belts and this is by far the best made and my most favorite. The colors are vibrant and its exactly what I ordered, but more than that the quality of the belt is amazing. Its stiff but not so that it tears my hips. I have the support I require on heavy days, the beauty of the belt I require because I am vain in all things pretty, & the cost was reasonable which kept my bank account happy. A year now I’ve used this belt and its still in amazing shape. The leather wipes clean easy, the colors are still bright, the holes from the prong are not worn, the suede is not peeling, the black buckle isn’t even chipping down to its silver base color. I have a cellphone sleeve the color of the font on it and its matches to a tee. Even the black edging is holding up nicely. Customer service is bar none the best around. I bet I e-mail them once a week with a question and I always receive a friendly response almost immediately. Shipping time on my belt was roughly 8 days from order to hand. I decided to leave this review a year later because I am back on the site snooping around to place a new order and see the option is available. Its time to get that lever I’ve wanted for the last 8 months. TREAT YOURSELF! (You guys likely have an email from me know lol)

  8. Pablo Garciasalas

    First belt I purchased from GLM, about a year ago. Not the last but as an entry level belt I made an excellent choice. I graduated to a 13mm treated lever belt which is awesome in every way possible, but this 10mm is still doing its job and will continue to do so for my lifetime I’m sure. Whatever size/style you choose you can’t go wrong with GLM. Excellent craftsmanship and the best customer service you will ever find. American made. All reviews should be 5 star the new site glitched them down.

  9. Fritz S. Sanchez (verified owner)

    I called Pioneer and I spoke with Kimberly about a deadlifting belt. I didn’t like the stock deadlift belt they had. Kimberly informed me that they could make any belt and cut it down to 3″. So I went with 10mm 3″ wide Lever belt in Blue Suede. I also ordered the same belt in 4″ 10mm thick, along two pair of Phantom Knee wraps 2.5m.

    Kimberly informed the T/A would be about 3 weeks. She called me a few days later to verify my address and to tell my package was being sent out.

    I received the belts in about a week. I love both of. I have a 13mm belt that wouldn’t allow to get set up on my deadlift.

    These two belts from pioneer are awesome and comfortable. I can deadlift with the 4″ belt as well since it’s 10mm.

    The customer pioneer offers is top notch. I have never had such good customer service from a company like this before.

    Thank Pioneer, Thank you Kimberly and Matt.

  10. Dominic Allegretto (verified owner)

    This is THE best belt I’ve ever owned. The shipping was fast and the quality of my belt is outstanding. The customization options I put on it look great too! This thing is so sturdy and does everything I ask of it. Would absolutely recommend! Thank you guys!

  11. huihingchiudaniel (verified owner)

    After watching Brandon Campbell’s video, I decided to buy one for my girlfriend. The belt is solid and fits her so well. The price is reasonable when compared to Inzer because the international shipping fee is much lower.

    I’m so tempted to buy one for myself!!!!

  12. Jon (verified owner)

    This belt is amazing!!! I love it! I’ve hit so many PRs in this thing! I’ve had it since December and it looks like I just took it out of the box!

  13. Robert (verified owner)

    Absolutely blown away by my belt, Matt and his team were great at communicating everything from start to finish, highly recommend

  14. Tyson (verified owner)

    Bought back in 2016 and dont regret it at all. It has worn in and is the most comfortable belt I have ever tried. I have mistreated many times over the two years and still looks and feels the same. This is the only belt you will ever need.

  15. Meade (verified owner)

    I just received my belt and I’m extremely impressed with it, GREAT quality belt and lever and an AMAZING job with adding the image and text I sent. GREAT craftsmanship all around. Thank you so much!

  16. compound_x (verified owner)

    Amazing belt! Due to some user error on the measuring side, I ended up with a few more unusable holes than I’d like. But if my midsection magically decides to skrink another 3 inches, I’d just get the next size down because this product is definitely worth my money. Quick assembly and delivery, 10/10 experience.

  17. chris603603 (verified owner)

    I just ordered this belt recently. It took the standard 4 weeks to arrive since it was custom, but I was thrilled that it came on time. After getting it all set up And test fitting it on, I saw that I only had two holes left. I measured the belt and it came out to be the size of a standard large instead of my measurements I put in when I ordered it. I reached out to customer service to see if this could be fixed and I received a phone call from them the next day. He was super nice and sent me a shipping label so I could send back the belt and he would send me a new one (using my exact measurements) for free! Five days later and I had my new belt. Everything looks good, it fits perfectly, and it works great. The quality of their products is unbeatable, and how they handled this size situation in a professional and helpful way will keep me as a customer.

  18. trattner1982 (verified owner)

    The belt is great, craftsmanship is excellent and it arrived much earlier than expected (4 weeks).

  19. sydney_bumgarner (verified owner)

    Ordered one for my boyfriend and he was beyond happy and surprised! The craftsmanship on these belts is absolutely amazing and being able to pick out every detail of it is fantastic! It turned out so well and he’s been hitting new PR’s ever since! It’s great quality and exactly what he wanted! Customer service was great throughout the process, as well! They are so quick to answer questions and help you out with anything you need!

  20. Derek Mann (verified owner)

    Amazing belt!! Got one as a Christmas gift last year and have used it just about every day since and have had no problems. This belt was a big part of me getting the USPA state records for my division this year. Amazing customer service and amazing product definitely worth it!!

  21. Matt Hadden (verified owner)

    There is a chance we made the incorrect size. If you would send us an email with pictures showing the length of the belt, I would be happy to look into this further.

  22. Dixie Normus (verified owner)

    Best belt I’ve ever had. I waited a few months with it to leave the review. 10mm has excellent support, and really makes you feel stabile when lifting heavy. Cannot recommend these belts enough, plus customer service is A1

  23. DAVID COPP (verified owner)

    This was my first real high quality powerlifting belt. I got it as a Christmas present from my wife andI couldn’t be happier. It gives great support, it broke in quickly, and the hardware seems to be of the highest quality. Buy this belt now. You’ll be glad you did.

  24. John Dillard (verified owner)

    I purchased a very basic belt without any customization and I couldn’t be happier. Best belt I own. The leather is supple enough that it won’t rip you apart on your first few wears, but stiff enough to give you the support you need. Will DEFINITELY be purchasing another with a few custom options added. Thank you for all you do!

  25. Alfredo Robles Jr

    Love this belt! Now you can buy any belt anywhere sure, but the quality from this is upsurd! Lifetime warranty and this lever belt makes it so easy to remove after a heavy lift. Buy it now! Seriously.

  26. mckinnys (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic lifting belt. I’ve had mine for just about a year now. And I find myself back on the site getting ready to order another for my girlfriend. I can’t believe I didn’t drop a review sooner!
    When the belt first arrived I applied the recommend Brikmore sued Guard and the belt looks flawless to this day even with “heavy” use. – I opted for the sued lining.
    I receive compliments whenever I visit a new gym especially when I travel for work. I tell everyone “you can get your own from this guy in Texas who assembles the best belts”.

  27. Saul Villavicencio Sanchez (verified owner)

    Best powerlifting belt period! No one comes close to the quality and customer service that pioneer offers. I’ve had this belt for a couple of months now and I plan to have it for years to come!!

  28. Erwin Laureano (verified owner)

    Received my 3″ lever belt with custom embroidery. Love it! Built to exact specs. I owned a previous lever belt that I picked up from Amazon. This one is of significantly higher quality with tighter and more precise belt holes. It’s perfect!!!

  29. Randy McKee (verified owner)

    Highly recommend any belt from these guys. The quality product they deliver far exceeds others. Ordered a 10mm lever belt 12/11/19 with two different color suede and embroidery. Website says 6-8 week lead time. Belt arrived 1/3/20. Got it setup and put to use as soon as it came in and couldn’t be happier with it. I’ll be recommending this company for sure.

  30. Johnny O

    I received the belt in 2 weeks which was a pleasant surprise as I was quoted 6-8 weeks due to all the customization. When it arrived I was again pleasantly surprised as the belt was beautiful, even better than I had imagined. So much so that it almost made it a shame to use it. It fit great and didn’t have any of the discomfort I had heard about with some belts. Even if it doesn’t break in any further from what it was new it would still be plenty comfortable to use. There are plenty of holes so I have some room to adjust the belt if I gain or lose size around my midsection. When in use it feels amazing. Definitely helps my bracing when performing lifts. I have never used any other belts so I can’t compare this to any others but I can absolutely say it is a very high quality product that should last a long time with proper care made by a company with excellent customer service. They are amazing at working with you on the customization and the final product bears this out. I don’t see myself needing another belt anytime soon but if and when I do I am absolutely coming back to Pioneer.

  31. jhalog (verified owner)

    Amazing quality! The best belt I have ever owned. The customization options are nearly endless. The customer service is also top-notch. Great company and great product

  32. Tristen Kuhn (verified owner)

    Absolute gamechanger. Amazing quality and even better customer experience. Exceeded my expectations and was well worth the price and the wait. Took about a week or so to get used to the change in size from my old tapered belt. But im glad i made the switch!

  33. sethmelton26

    I ordered a custom belt and it was definitely worth the wait. My review really wants to touch on the customer service though. I had some designs that were suppose to be on the lever and were not there. The team worked with me and was a very smooth process of making sure I was happy with my purchase and making sure I got what I ordered. It was hassle free communication and just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff. I will continue to order and support Pioneer products

  34. zane.smith84 (verified owner)

    After waiting 7 weeks, I set a new deadlift PR as I should have done more to break it in. The uploaded image I made from font generators and Microsoft paint was stitched on flawlessly- guaranteed to open eyes wide when I show it off. They managed to make red and green come together without making it look like Christmas. This is a belt that will be passed on for generators. Can’t wait how it holds up at the end of the year!

  35. Miguel (verified owner)

    Runs small. I recommend getting one size larger, as there are enough holes you can make it feel like a comfortable fit.

  36. Jonathan Heilman

    Ordered my custom belt. Sent it to me with the word gorilla spelled wrong, lettering not straight, and lettering and picture very small. Reached out to customer service and they quickly made me another one. The second one they sent me arrived quickly and was perfect. Alarming the difference in what they ship out, must not be a very good quality control process. Overall I am happy with my purchase, I love my belt. Lesson learned if anything is not how you want it, contact them and have them make it right. $300 belt should be flawless and exactly how you want it, don’t accept anything less.

  37. Tate Driver (verified owner)

    Incredible belt, great fit, extremely supportive, and BEAUTIFUL custom embroidery. I got my belt in the rust color, with white lettering, and it looks fantastic. Also said it would ship in 6-8 weeks, and I received it in 2.

  38. Matt (verified owner)

    I have not used a belt in years. Not since I was brand new to weightlifting with a nylon Valero Velcro belt, lol. We’ve all been there. The fit and finish is amazing. Everything about it is quality from the stitching to hardware. It was easy to set up and size, and surprisingly comfortable. I purchased the 4 inch belt due to being taller with a long torso. I can place the belt right where I need it, and for me it is thick enough at 10mm. Out of the box it felt pliable enough, and will still break in nicely. It’s pretty hefty, more so than other 10mm lever belts I’ve recently had some exposure to. I feel this will definitely last for years to come and is a true investment. My only observation is that nowhere on the belt does it identify the brand. Making something this good compared to others is enough to speak for itself, especially when people ask about it as soon as they see it….but just thought it was an interesting observation. Regardless, can’t recommend it enough.

  39. John (verified owner)

    Awesome belt! It is soft like an expensive Italian dress belt and had absolutely no break in, digging in or other issue out of the box. And it has a wonderful leather smell. Fantastic belt and worth every penny – not that much more than my original cheap internet special that I’m still trying to break in after several months. I just wish I knew about Pioneer to begin with.

  40. Logan Rushing (verified owner)

    Awesome quality, great color.

  41. khongchingher (verified owner)

    Amzing belt, and High Quality

  42. Dustin (verified owner)

    I got turned on to Pioneer belts through the Barbell Medicine Podcast. I was in need of a new belt so I decided to give Pioneer a try and I’m so glad I did. It is hands down the best belt I have ever owned great fit, comfortable, minimal break in period and extremely well made. I recommend this company to all my friends now.

  43. Peter (verified owner)

    This is the best lifting belt out there by one of the best companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of purchasing from. BAR NONE. My belt is strikingly beautiful. Crafted to perfection to look incredible, smell great, and has the added bonus of bracing my core during workouts. The order process was as smooth as butter; there was no confusion about what I was ordering, the customizations I was making, and how long it would take to get to me. Pioneer also provided hour-by-hour updates during my belt’s crafting period to keep me in the loop. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that they make every order they get with care and consideration; an easy recommendation for anybody.

  44. Danny Shore (verified owner)

    I heard how nice these belts were so I went again and got one ordered. I’m very impressed with the quality of the v2 lever and the leather work overall. Definitely loving it. Customer service was really responsive as well with questions. Will definitely recommend to anyone in the market for one.

  45. Enzo Morrison (verified owner)

    Absolutely satisfied with purchase. Highest quality leather I’ve seen, and just well made. Came before expected, no delays. Awesome product from an amazing company!

  46. mrmusser

    Great purchase. Immediately comfortable, secure, love the V2 lever. And of course it looks really nice. I had gone through all the belt videos of folks I respect over the past 6 months. Love the belt.

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