Suede Lifting Straps

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The suede lifting straps by Pioneer are a light weight alternative to the other lifting straps on our line. These are extremely comfortable and surprisingly strong. Specifically made for light work/high rep movements where you need a little grip help, but not totally relying on the straps.



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The suede lifting straps are a brand-new product that have been tested and approved by several people with 2K totals. They are an adjustable strap made with 4oz chap suede splits and are surprisingly strong and extremely comfortable. Choice of color. Sold in pairs.

2 reviews for Suede Lifting Straps

  1. Douglas Villnave (verified owner)

    Had these snap on a 315 shrug, had them for less than a week. I’ll be sticking with the heavy duty straps from now on.

  2. Bob

    Great packaging, & they feel very nice on your wrists & hands. However, they fray a little quick, & one ended up snapping on me when i was doing pull-ups.

    • Matt Hadden

      Hey Bob,

      If you would like to try a stronger wrap, please reach out via email and we will send you a different pair.

      Thank you,

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