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Pioneer Phantom Wrist Wraps

(21 customer reviews)

Pioneer Phantom Wrist Wraps

– 100% Made in the USA
– Cast Wrap with Increased Stretch
– Stiffest Elastic We Offer
– Full Thumb Loop for Added Durability




Pioneer Phantom Wrist Wraps

– 100% Made in the USA
– Cast Wrap with Increased Stretch
– Stiffest Elastic We Offer
– Full Thumb Loop for Added Durability


The Phantom Elastic if easily our stiffest and most aggressive offering. These wraps hurt….so good. American made and geared for utmost support. They come in three different sizes to cover all wrist sizes and support needs. If you are looking for the most supportive wrist wrap on the market, I feel confident, you just found them!

21 reviews for Pioneer Phantom Wrist Wraps

  1. Mike McTier

    Best freaking wraps MADE!!!! Don’t get any better then these!! Have them in the 24″ and will probably order another set in 36″ just because I love them sooo much!! Thicker then the Silver Beasts but have more stretch to them!! Can’t say enough good things about these wraps and everyone at Pioneer!!!

  2. Jason Painter

    Every time I use my Phantom wraps I love them more! They may seem a little stiff the first time you put them on but they break in after a few uses. Great stretch so you can really cinch them in for a cast like feel. Love them for bench press and OHP movements. Compared them to a set of Titan Titanium’s and THP’s and prefer my Phantoms. Highly recommended!!

  3. Jason K (verified owner)

    I’ve had 2 pairs of wrist wraps before i bought my 36in phantom wraps, i’ve owned the mark bells 36in gangsta wraps and 24in iron rebel raptor wraps. Straight out the package the phantom wraps were stiff but broke in nice after a few uses, casting is very comparable to the previous raptor wraps i owned, but much more comfortable. They were not as comfortable as my old gangsta wraps but the phantom wraps still provided a lot more support. When i first received them i was a little worried that the 36in phantom wraps were too big/bulky but they are starting to grow on me. I would recommend these wraps over anything else i tried so far, 24inches would have been more than enough if I had chosen that size instead, i’m sure of it.

  4. Andrew perez (verified owner)

    ive only owned the gamgsta by mark bell but have tried countless wrist wraps And i gotta say these blow any other wraps out of the water, so stiff out the package and the custom stitching was an awesome addition too, best bang for your buck even if you add the customization. Will definitely buy another pair again and ready to set pr’s and records in these phantoms! Keep up the great work!!

  5. Devante

    My favorite wrist wraps I have ever owed will definitely purchase another pair

  6. Delia Steele

    I have the 24 inch Phantoms, they are the most aggressive wraps I’ve owned to date. I was told “Had I known you were a girl I wouldn’t have sent the phantoms.” lol I’m glad they did. I have a TFCC tear in my left wrist which I get cortisone injections for just to be able to turn a door knob, let alone bench press. With these wraps I am back to my normal bench press, they are literally CAST LIKE, there is no pressure on my wrist at all in them. I have used many wraps before these; Harbinger (don’t laugh, We all start somewhere), Titan RPS, Elite FTS Heavy which is where I would compare these best. I prefer my phantoms for everything heavy but if I had to say they were close to another wrap out there that would be my best guess. I’ve also tried my buddies SBD stiff wraps in 24in. and they are extremely close in my opinion. I still prefer my phantoms though. Thinking my next purchase will be the black and blue knee wraps. The phantom wraps scare me as I am just starting out in wraps (always been a sleeves girl). You honestly can’t go wrong with Pioneer products, 2 belts, wrist wraps, clothing, everything I’ve bought has been bar none TOP KNOTCH!!

  7. Jeremy (verified owner)

    These wraps are great! They’re extremely stiff out of the package and took me about a week to get them comfortably broken in. They’re a bit cumbersome at first because they’re quite different from traditional wrist wraps, but once you get comfortable with the thumb loop and velcro, it’s no problem at all. Super supportive without having to crank them down (although you can if you want to). Awesome wraps!

  8. Matt (verified owner)

    Been using them for a couple months, will be snagging a back up pair mainly for comp use shortly. Hands down the best wrist wraps I have ever used. Been through Mark Bell’s Gangsta Wraps, Signature Golds by Titan, Bench Daddy, Rogue, etc. SHW competitor 450+ bench. The more time I spend in them the more I love them. Super stiff but lays perfectly on the wrist and the velcro design is great having it built in like that and the large loop for wrapping is very useful.

  9. John Fuston (verified owner)

    These truly are really really good wraps. Very stiff. My only critique is that that the thumb loop takes some getting used to.

  10. Philipp (verified owner)

    Fantastic wraps. My job puts a lot of strain on my wrists so bench press was always rough. Since I have started using the phantom’s I don’t feel any pain during or after my sets. They are essentially like putting a temporary cast on your wrists, especially if you crank them on. They are not comfortable, however I am more than willing to put up with a little temporary discomfort because it means that I no longer experience the wrist pain I did when I benched without wraps.

  11. Andy Quintana

    Good wrist support but bad odor within a few months. I air them out after every workout but they developed a bad smell after only a couple months. I believe that the elasticity of the wraps don’t allow them to fully dry unless they were stretched out (which would ruin the elasticity). I reached out to support but they weren’t able to provide much help.

  12. Anthony (verified owner)

    Best wraps i have ever used in uspa comps. Stiff and velcro is still intact

  13. Brandon Campbell Diamond (verified owner)

    When I first wore these I was worried they were a bit too stiff for my liking as they dug into my wrists more than I cared for. However after reading reviews many suggested giving it a bit of time to break in and I’m glad I did. Have quickly become my go to wrap. I got the 12″ version which is good, but I worry a 24″ might be too long, would be great if these came in 18″!

  14. akublai (verified owner)

    These wraps are no nonsense. This is a belt loop style wrap and not a thumb loop for those that are wondering. They are very stiff at first but after a couple sessions they get comfortable. Right away you will know these are meant to last and protect.

  15. Link Burchett (verified owner)

    I bought a set of these since the USPA decided APT wraps weren’t approved anymore (and the great thing is, Pioneer wraps are just rebranded APT anyway). The belt loop style wrap is a terrible design for me. I can’t get them to sit right on my wrist, and the velcro on the middle of the wrap never lines up with the end, so I have only one patch of velcro actually attached and 3 or 4 inches of wrap just hanging off. Feels really unsecure and I can’t wait for it to pop loose in the middle of a 450 bench. I think these wraps would be great if they had a thumb loop but I can’t stand the belt loop style.

    • Matt Hadden (verified owner)

      Hey Link,

      I have no problem bringing these wraps back in and making them with the normal thumb loops for you. I will even change the placement of the velcro if you want. Just shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will do whatever it takes to make you happy with the purchase.


  16. David J (verified owner)

    These wraps are hands down the best wraps. I started out using the 36 inch Gansta Wraps, and was disappointed by how flimsy they were. Then I bought these in the 36 inch and these were extremely supportive. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a wrap that’s going to last them a long time!!

  17. Link Burchett (verified owner)

    Update to my review above: I got a quick response when I contacted them. They remade the 24″ phantoms with the typical thumb loop and velcro placement for me and now they’re great! Excellent customer service to go along with my now excellent product!

  18. Rudy

    How do you know what size to get?

    • Matt Hadden (verified owner)

      Length of wraps come down to preference really but a general rule of thumb is that the longer they are, the more supportive.

  19. TJ

    I bought the 24” Phantoms and I LOVE them already. Quality is second to none and the length is perfect for me.

    The belt loop style is versatile and you have to work with it a bit to figure out what works best for you. Running the belt back through the loop has not worked for me so far, but seems like it might after they break in a bit. New it tends to slip and I didn’t feel I was able to get the wrap as tight as I wanted it.

    I have ended up using it the same way I would use a typical thumb loop, as that allows me to set it properly for the first wrap. After I crank it down, I just slip the loop off the thumb before the set. Works great for me that way I love it.

    Highly recommended and thank you Pioneer.

  20. Rudy (verified owner)

    I wish I had gotten the 36” but the 24’ works great! Now if only you guys would make an elbow wrap or sleeve 😭

  21. Anthony (verified owner)

    The website says “To judge the stretch of an elastic, we took a 12″ piece and stretched it to its max. This elastic stretches to 26″ so I ordered the 12” expecting them to workout. The loop through design makes them cut into my wrist. Had I got the longer ones I would have been happy. The loop part of the Velcro prevents them from stretching to advertised length. Great quality, but consider getting longer ones. I feel the 12” straps aren’t worth getting.

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