Gymnastic (CrossFit) Grips by Pioneer Fitness

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Pioneer Gymnastic (CrossFit) Grips are made from the same high quality suede we use on our belts and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. The grips feature a heavy duty nylon strap and Velcro closure for durability, usability, and comfort. They are perfect for exercises like: toes to bar, pull ups, deadlifts, clean & jerk, and snatches etc. Save your hands from those painful and annoying calluses that crossfitters get with these grips.

The Pioneer Gymnastic (CrossFit) are available in a variety of different suede colors.

Our Pioneer Gymnastic (CrossFit) are Sold in Pairs and Made in the U.S.A..


Select a suede color for your grips:


1 review for Gymnastic (CrossFit) Grips by Pioneer Fitness

  1. nicole (verified owner)

    i love these grips!!! i am a “casual” cross fitter …. not anywhere near a competitive level …… these grips are perfect! they are suede. thinner than other grips. protects my hands during pull ups (etc.). and, i got pretty turquoise!! i definitely recommend these grips!!!! (and their weight belts too!!!)

    matt!!! thank you so much!!!!!

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