Heavy Duty Figure 8 Lifting Straps

(7 customer reviews)

Made with super heavy duty cotton webbing in a basket weave pattern for extra strength.


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Made with super heavy duty cotton webbing in a basket weave pattern for extra strength.

7 reviews for Heavy Duty Figure 8 Lifting Straps

  1. PSFHybrid (verified owner)

    I wanted these for a while and finally pulled the trigger. These are even more solid and beefy than they look in pictures. They’ve become invaluable for me on back day after heavy deads when my grip is starting to go a bit. Awesome for RDLs, rows, etc. They work better than advertised, they’re quick & easy to put on, and they’ll last a good long while. Don’t hesitate to buy these!

  2. Robb

    They are solid material and can tell they are built well, can someone give me a description of how to wear them?

  3. Lewis MacLean (verified owner)

    I’ve been wanting these straps for a long time now, finally decided to get them and really happy I did. These figure 8 are hands down the best I’ve used brilliant quality they seem like they will last for a very long time. The sizing chart is dead on I was surprised how tight they were.

  4. har082890 (verified owner)

    These are the heaviest duty straps I have ever seen, I cant see how anyone could ever break them working out. Build quality and material wise, 5 stars easy. Now for why I removed a star. I understand this is a powerlifting site and that most of the guys ordering straps are huge but even so, the wrist loops are ridiculously huge, pretty sure they would fit a grizzly bear. I’m a 190lb man and the loops swallow me. I have made them work for me by pinching the slack between my palms and the bar but I do wish they would have different sizes.

  5. Matt

    Response to har082890 How to use: put hand through one end, wrap around bar wider than you would normally grip by about two to three inches (I put the edge on the powerlifting knurled mark to get my hand about 2″ in from non-knurled center), put your hand through the other side of figure 8, pull tight and straight out, then, while you feel the tension of the strap, pull hand towards where you would normally hold the bar. The tension should be taught from the place you set the strap to the point where you actually grip, and that is what makes the straps work-not just the fact that its wrapped around your hand.

  6. Perry (verified owner)

    Great straps, feel a lot tighter than regular lifting straps and material is top notch

  7. Shawn (verified owner)

    Love these straps, very stiff at first but break in very quickly and are so solidly made. You can never go wrong with any items made by pioneer, they are always great quality and stand behind all their products.

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