Discount Silver PALs

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These discounted PALs will NOT  be returnable nor will you be able to select which severity of damage you receive on the lever. All of these discounted PALs have cosmetic damage.

Again….You will NOT be able to choose which lever you receive when purchased.



  • 1/2″ tightness settings
  • Interchangeable w/ MOST Non-Pioneer Lever Belts
  • Alleviates the use of a Screw Driver
  • USPA Approved

The wait is finally over! The patent pending Pioneer Adjustable Lever (PAL) is available NOW! The PAL is a modern play on the existing lever and was designed with the “every half inch matters” mindset. This revolutionary product gives the user the ability to finely tune the tightness (1/2″ settings) to get a perfect fit… ON A LEVER BELT! It also, allows for up to 2″ of adjustments before having to change the tightness of the belts. So if you wear your belt tight for squats and a bit looser for deadlifts and/or bench, this belt will be perfect! If all that doesn’t sound good enough, you can also just purchase a lever and attach it to an existing lever belt. It will retrofit most major brands (if you are unsure if it will fit your existing belt, please reach out) as it uses the same hole dimensions as other lever belts already on the market.

The PAL works best with a STIFF 10mm and/or most 13mm lever belts. I know for sure the PAL will not work with SBD or StrengthShop belts along with any 6.5mm, 8.5mm, 0r 10mm double suede belts from us. If you have an older Pioneer belt or a different brand of belt, please reach out to us for retrofitting instructions before use.

The lever has already been approved by the United States Powerlifting Association HQ, and you should have zero problems in Strongman events. Y’all, this project has been in the works for over two years and I am extremely excited for it to come out and help solve some of the problems the existing belts have had.

Patent pending.


Out of stock


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ALL DISCOUNTED PAL SALES ARE FINAL. These levers will all be non returnable and non refundable. The discounted levers will still have a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

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  1. forever43591 (verified owner)

    Awesome lever
    I love this.

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