Discount Belt 13mm Thick – Power Lifting Belt #101 Large

Discount Belt 13mm Thick – Power Lifting Belt #101 Large

This is a 13mm 4″ Single Prong Round Tongue Power Lifting belt. Size: Large (35″-44″)

There are no flaws.

Pioneer’s Treated Double Thick (13mm) 10cm Power Lifting Belt is the “best of the best”! This truly is the best powerlifting belt made. They are made by combining TWO of our normal Power Lifting Belts for the strongest and most durable power lifting belt on the market today. This belt is designed to give you extra intra-abdominal support from everyday strength training to competition lifts. This belt features 100% genuine sole leather, nickel plated rivets and a seamless roller buckle. If you are looking for a belt to use for the rest of your life, your search is over! This belt is made for the strongest power lifters in the world! Comes with our Lifetime Warranty and is Made in the U.S.A. (Try that with your made in Pakistan belt)

Pioneer Double Thick Power Lifting Belt Features:

  • Nickel plated rivets & buckle
  • 100% genuine sole leather
  • Made in the U.S.A.

ALL DISCOUNTED BELT SALES ARE FINAL. These belts will all be non returnable and non refundable. The discounted belts will still have a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

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