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★★★★★ I cannot offer enough praise

I needed to replace my old lifting belt which I had for about 30 years. I wanted to replace it with another just like it. I was not able to find a good replacement in any of the local stores and was pleased when I came across General Leathercraft on-line and saw this belt which was as close as it could possibly be to the one that I was used to. I sent an email to the company late in the evening and got an immediate response from Matt. Since it was well after the business closing hours I was surprised. In fact, Matt was actually working out at the gym himself but took the time out of his workout to respond several times to my questions via email. I had some specific specifications that I was looking for and Matt assured me that they could be met. So, I placed an order for the LB4(treated) the very next morning. I received the belt two days later and they even paid for the shipping. The leather quality is superb and I was able to comfortably wear the belt right out of the box…whatever treatment they use makes it just soft enough to be comfortable but not compromise the stiffness that I was looking for in a weightlifting belt. I cannot offer enough praise for how responsive Matt was to my numerous emails to him. He was always very quick to respond, always very positive and his primary concern was that I be satisfied with the belt, which I am. I was glad to be able to purchase from a family-owned business where the product was made in the USA, and the belt is guaranteed for a ‘lifetime’. Who does that anymore? I am so satisfied that I posted a General Leathercraft flyer in my gym so that others can know that this company and their great products exist. You cannot go wrong with this belt. It is of the highest quality, very comfortable, very fairly priced, and if you have the pleasure of dealing with Matt, I can assure you the buying experience will be one of the best you have ever had. Matt, thanks again for offering such personal attention to me during this purchase. I look forward to doing future business with you and referring others to you as well. I don’t take the time to write reviews but felt obligated to write this one based on the product quality and excellent customer service. Best regards.

T. Johnson


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