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★★★★★ My belt is the most badass thing I’ve seen

I apologize for the language, but something this good shouldn’t be censored or filtered.

Let me first start out by saying my belts is the most badass thing I’ve seen since Bo and Luke Duke jumped over a pond with Dixie playing in the background – I swear to God it’s as American as it sounds too. When I first opened my package from the find folks of USPS, a light shined so bright that I couldn’t look directly into the box. I heard angels singing and the high voice of God himself spoke to me and said, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Let thy gains come to thee.”

The craftsmanship is better than that of Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. I couldn’t be even more happy to support true American made products. You guys seriously kick ass and had an awesome turn around time.

But seriously tho, thank you for the hard work you guys are putting in during the holiday season and for the awesome customer support. Y’all are second to none in my book. Thanks again.

J. Cooper


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