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  • Which Lifting Belt Width and Thickness is Best for You?
    In this video I go over the differences between a 10mm belt and a 13mm belt. I also touch on the differences between a 3 inch belt and a 4 inch belt. There really isn’t a one size fits all product, so hopefully in this video it will get your brain asking the right questions … Read more
  • Difference between a lever, PAL and prong weight belt buckle?
  • Accessory & Apparel FAQ
  • Pioneer Belt FAQs
    You can also check out this video for some great information and frequently asked questions.
  • How to Choose the Right Weightlifting Belt for You
    We get numerous questions on how to choose the right weightlifting belt so we will do our best to explain to you what we have learned and what has been passed down to us over the last 36 years in our family business. This post may touch on some of the aspects of previous posts … Read more
  • A Few Good Men • Pioneer Custom Belts
    Our company has made belts for some of the strongest men in the world. We are very proud to know that our products have been tested and trusted by lifters of all different strengths. Here are some of the men that use our belts and/or wraps. This belt is for Kevin “Oak”. He is an … Read more
  • Pioneer Custom Made Weightlifting Belts
    What better investment is there than one in yourself? Why wouldn’t you want to show your personality and who you are while you are on the platform? Why not make a statement to your peers while you are setting new PR’s? These are all questions that we can help with. We have taken our world … Read more
  • Pioneer™ Power Lifting Belt or Pioneer™ Weightlifting Belt???
    The Pioneer™ Power Lifting Belt The biggest and most noticeable difference between a Power Belt and a Weight Belt is the width in the leather. Power Lifting Belts are the same width all the way around. Most Power Belts are 4″ wide, but there has been a shift among Olympic lifters and women towards a … Read more
  • How to Measure for a Weight Belt by Pioneer Fitness
    Instructions and video on how to measure belt size. Learn the correct way to measure your waist size for your custom weight belt. How to Measure your waist for your weightlifting belt? Use a pliable measuring tape or seamstress tape. Measure around your waist, about 4 inches above where your pants are. *Do not “suck in”, … Read more
  • Rebecca Saurus
    This is a custom lifting belt made for Rebecca Saurus. Our handmade leather weightlifting belts can be customized using our belt designer. You can pick suede color, stitching, edging, logo and more.
  • Garrett GUNZ
  • Eric Lilliebridge
    This is a custom lever belt made for Eric Lilliebridge. All of our lever belts are handmade in the U.S.A. using only the highest quality materials. You can customize your lever belt with suede, embroidery, lever color, stitching and more.