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★★★★★ You will NOT find a better belt

I have been a competitive powerlifter for 32 years. I have competed on local, regional, national, and international levels. I have always been an equipped lifter. One of the key pieces of my equipment is a belt. I had been using my current belt since 1992. Health issue required that I purchase a new belt. I hated that mine no longer fit and spent a great deal o time researching on where to get the next knowing it may well be my last. I finally settled on Pioneer. I just received my belt and it is absolutely terrific. I have seen many belts in my years and this is the best. If you are considering them, stop considering and buy. You will NOT find a better belt. They finished it Wednesday, shipped it Thursday, and I competed with it straight out of the box on Saturday. Even new and not broke in it felt great. Not to mention is was beautiful. Many more
years and records will be set in this belt.

Thank you soo much!

P. Wallis


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