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★★★★★ I had several of your competitors’ belts

Dear Friends at Pioneer:

I received my 10mm 4″ powerlifting belt today, and I’m absolutely tickled pink! I had researched several of your competitors’ belts before finding your web store, and man, I am sure glad that I did. The quality of the materials and workmanship is beyond exquisite. This belt would easily be a steal at more than twice its price. And most importantly to me, it’s made in Texas. I’m a 60 year old recent GI cancer survivor, lifting since I was 18, and really need to protect the 12″ incision area on my abdomen where they gutted me like a fish to hopefully extend my days on this earth. Without a doubt, I know this belt will not only fill the bill, but will
long outlast me. While I’m not a betting man, if I had to wager I’d put good money on my great-grand kid using this belt somewhere down the pike. I offer my heartfelt gratitude to your entire company for really making me a happy man.

With best regards,
B. Kogan


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