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★★★★★ I decided to buy Pioneer based on how you operate

Hi Matt,

I received my belt in the mail Friday and have been able to use it twice since. I was honestly a bit worried at first due to the stiffness of the 13mm, but after hitting the gym twice with it this weekend all of my fears have abated. The belt is a dream to use, especially with the Pioneer Cut. My previous belt was a 13mm inzer and the slight contour that comes with a buckle design and lack of a secondary stiff leather band is a welcome change.

I wanted to just thank you in general for the customer service experience and express how, as a customer, I decided to buy Pioneer based on how you operate. The Instagram Live videos, the support for the lifting community, and the clear pride in the work you do is night and day compared to the other suppliers that exist in this market. I feel blessed to be a part of your customer base and can’t wait to watch you succeed in the years to come.

N. Adler


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