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★★★★★ I am a HUGE Fan and Supporter of all your Pioneer Products

I train at Omaha Barbell in Omaha, Nebraska. I train with Robb Philippus and have worked with/ coached by Eric Lilliebridge. Both Robb and Eric told me to contact you about looking into a new lever belt for squatting. I am getting tired of using my prong belt to squat in esp after getting on my knee wraps and wrist wraps. I am a HUGE Fan and Supporter of all your Pioneer Products as I have been around this sport my entire life and have never see this great of quality and life in these products. I currently use your Pioneer Lilliebridge Knee Wraps and Wrist Wraps and they are the best damn wraps I have ever used and will never use anything else ever again. I have had these wraps for over a year and it was crazy they came out of the package like they were already broke in and have this much cast and rebound in them in the exact same wrap. They have shown no signs at all of even coming close to breaking down yet either, I love them. Eric said to ask if you are offering any discounts on your lever belts? I am very interested in having one made, and thank you again for making such great quality products!

D. Tomasello


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