Over Door and Over Head Shoulder Pulley

Wrist and Forearm Exercise Rehab Kit by TherapyZone


The Wrist and Elbow Strength Rehab Kit by TherapyZone Features:

  • Free Exercise Chart
  • Patented MarV™ handle
  • Sanctband resistance tubing
  • Free shipping




Product Description

The TherapyZone Shoulder, Wrist, and Elbow Kit is the only shoulder kit that includes parts molded and sewn 100% in the USA.
This professional package and versatile kit includes everything you need to build strength and flexibility in your shoulders, elbows and wrists. Get upper extremity core conditioning, quicker and easier than with any other product. “As the world of physical therapy evolves there is a cry to work the body in multiple planes of motion to achieve real world results. Any skilled physical therapist can use rubber tubing – by adding the unique functionality of a MARV handle you have a greater choice of movement and a greater impact on your clients rehabilitation.”

Jamie Atlas
GIFT Fellow (Gray Institute)

The patented, 3-position grip design gives your shoulder a core conditioning that is not possible with any other shoulder training product. Whether you wish to strengthen your shoulder to avoid surgery, are in rehab, post surgery rehab, or simply exercising your shoulders as a regular part of an exercise regimen, the 3-Position MarV Handle is the best product for you. Guaranteed. Made in the USA.

When you exercise your shoulder, you want to strengthen all the muscles in your shoulder or wrist including the proximal muscles (these are the small muscles surrounding the major muscles). Only the 3-Position MarV Handle will do this with 30% better and quicker results. If you wish to avoid surgery or are rehabilitating a shoulder or wrist post surgery, €”this is the best product you can buy!

The tools in this kit are used extensively by physical therapists and athletic trainers around the world. Each of the handles on the Overdoor Pulley or that attach to one of the 3 resistance tubes included, allow you to choose from 3 different grips positions. Grip positions pictured below are the Patented Functional Grip (left), traditional Stirrup Grip (center), and the Vertical Grip (right).

Choose the grip that is most comfortable and effective for you. Each will provide an effective and progressive range of motion for each exercise. You will progress quickly and heal functionally better using this professional system.

MarV Handles feature a ball and lock that allows you to adjust the length of the resistance tube or cord easily and quickly. You can move from one exercise to another without the hassle of moving your anchor, giving you more exercise in a shorter time and better results.

“I have been using the 3 position Marv handle pulley system for the past 4 years with great results. Our patients appreciate the different grips they can use while gaining shoulder range of motion. It’s great to have a variety of handle positions for wrist comfort. I would recommend this product to everyone.”
Chad Clark, PT

A recent study shows the MarV 3-Position Handle Channel Grip provides 30% more muscle activation than a traditional handle, that’s a significant improvement! Feel free to view the entire study here. This grip position, a patented feature of the MarV Handle, also gives you a level of joint stabilization never offered before in an upper body resistance product. Now you get the most sought after benefits of core training in your upper body workouts too.

This package can be used for total shoulder rehabilitation, a complete conditioning tool to keep you out of surgery, or as a complete body conditioning home gym, to help keep you in excellent condition. Now you can purchase a professional quality rehabilitation and exercise kit that you can use as a home and travel gym for the rest of your life.

Your kit will include:

1 each TherapyZone Over Head Pulley with 2 revolutionary MarV Handles
3 each 50-inch resistance tubes (light, medium, and heavy)
1 each TherapyZone door attachment
1 each 12 page chart featuring over 50 exercises


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